Speakers Bureau

Need an expert? Teaching a media class and need some additional info on current topics important to the field? Got a program coming up for your civic organization and need fresh, engaging ideas? Need training on how to deal with the media or how to put a communication plan in place for your organization or business? The UA Little Rock School of Mass Communication is here to help!

We have content experts in all areas of the mass media, from journalism to public relations, and shooting video to making movies! It’s easy to make contact: Just complete the online form linked at the bottom of this page to provide us with some basic information about what you need, and we’ll take it from there. Choose from any of the topics offered by these professors (or suggest your own!):

Dr. Kwasi Boateng

• Streaming media challenges and opportunities – Will focus on demonstrating how to stream online and challenges associated with the streaming on-demand and live.
• Publishing and managing content online: Issues to consider – Will address how to plan, identify resources, and implement an online media platform.
• Evaluating media messages: Approaches and challenges – Explains how to evaluate media messages by designing and implementing an evaluation instrument.
• Policy and regulation in the era of social media and online publishing – Discusses and explains how social media and online media are regulated.
•Creating multi-media content for online: Tools to explore – Identifies and demonstrates how open source tools and mobile devices can be used to create media content.
Equipment needed: A computer with Internet connection and a projector/screen display
Length of presentation: Approximately one hour

Dr. Jamie Byrne-McCollum, APR

• Old order Amish women and their writing in their national newspaper
• How an old order Amish newspaper differs from a mainstream newspaper and why
• Freedom of speech and press (First Amendment) and why they are not absolute
• The basics of libel law
• The basics of privacy law
• The basics of copyright law
• The basics of tailoring messages to audiences (informing, persuading, calling for action)
• The basics of strategic communication planning, particularly for non-profit organizations
• Strategic planning, particularly for non-profit organizations
• Communicating during a crisis
• Media relations for non-profit organizations
Equipment Needed:
Depending on presentation, projection for PowerPoint or flip charts with markers
Length of Presentation:
Can be adjusted to suit audience and time available, one hour to day-long

Dr. Brandon Colvin

• Writing a script (no equipment needed)
• Directing actors (would need a camera, tripod, some spike tape)
• Lighting a scene (would need a camera, lights, stands, etc.)
• Almost anything else related to filmmaking, film history, or the film industry
Equipment needed:
Depends on presentation
Length of presentation:
Approximately one hour

Dr. Chris Etheridge

• Fake news, misinformation, and disinformation online
• Crime, criminal justice, and the media (both entertainment and news media)
• Community journalism (digitization strategies, local news and community information-seeking)
• History of journalism/mass communication
• Journalism/media ethics
• Identifying the information needs of an audience
• Media literacy, specifically focused on finding reliable sources, avoiding confirmation bias and echo chambers, understanding behavioral targeting, and considering the impact of social media on  community building/isolating. The topic can be adapted to various audiences, including community groups, high school students, and college students.
Equipment Needed:
In most cases, projection for PowerPoint
Length of presentation:
Approximately 60 minutes. Can be adjusted to fit longer or shorter time periods.

Prof. Sonny Rhodes

• Journalism history, especially in Arkansas
• Mass communication law
• Feature writing
• Reporting
• Journalism ethics
• Editing, including headline writing
Equipment Needed:
Speaker, projection for PowerPoint
Length of Presentation:
Up to one hour – 30 minutes for presentation, and up to 30 minutes for Q&A

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