Susan Deselle

Susan Desselle (current student)

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?

In 2014, I opened up my own real estate agency and realized I would benefit from the content of an MBA program.

Why did you choose UA Little Rock’s MBA Program?

I live and work in Little Rock, so the proximity is great. Also, I know some of the professors in the program and their caliber of expertise is fantastic. Most of them were long-time professionals in their field and then went on to teach.

How have the skills you’ve learned both inside and outside the classroom translated to your current role?

The MBA program has given me the ability to lead and develop my employees. Every single class is applicable in helping me run my business. The ROI has been off the charts.

Gabriela DeLimaGabriela de Lima ’19

Why did you choose to pursue an MBA?

Getting my MBA provided a great opportunity for networking. Two years ago, I moved to Little Rock from Brazil. I wanted a career in the United States, so getting my MBA was the strategy I chose to meet people and find a company where I could develop my career.

Why did you choose UA Little Rock?

The university is centrally located and has affordable tuition. I got a full scholarship while working as a graduate assistant at the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center on campus. The university also sponsors annual career fairs. I met with several companies and got invited to interviews. As a result, I got an internship at U.S. Bank and was hired as a full-time employee. I would not have gotten this without UA Little Rock’s support.

What is your favorite memory from our program?

My best memory is the way the program made me believe I have a great future in front of me.

Maro Croff ’19

Why did you choose to pursue an MBA?

I was already in the workforce when I got my bachelor’s degree. However, I felt there were some things missing from my education. I’d heard great things about UA Little Rock’s MBA program, so after looking into it I knew it would be the next best step for me to take.

How accessible are the faculty?

The faculty understand that many students are working professionals who need flexibility. I was able to walk into a professor’s office and get my question answered within minutes of sending an email.

What is your favorite memory?

An assignment in “Applied Problem Solving” just made everything click. I was able to apply this to my current job, and it shined a light on the program for me in in the first semester.

How would you describe the return on investment?

The ROI has not only been in a financial and progression sense, but I’ve noticed improvements in critical reasoning and assessing situations. It’s given me a sharper perspective when approaching work and life.
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