Future Scholars

The UALR McNair Scholars Program accepts 26 students, including returning scholars, each year to participate in a Summer Research Internship; returning scholars are provided the opportunity to complete research during the academic year. Students who are eligible and who want to enroll in and complete graduate study, particularly doctoral (eg PhD, EdD, PsyD) study, are encouraged to apply.

2012 Applicant Recommendation Form (Need 3 recommendations)

Certified Tax Statement

*The Certified Tax Statement form is for independent applicants whom did not file a federal tax form for the year 2011 and dependent applicants whose parent/legal guardian did not file a federal tax form for the year 2011. This form must be completed in the presence of and signed by a notary public.*

Enrolled Juniors and Seniors (with at least one summer remaining before they receive their bachelors degree) possessing a cumulative GPA of 2.75 are eligible to apply. Participants are selected on the basis of having the greatest potential for pursuing doctoral studies. *Note: Sophomores are eligible to apply if they are of junior status by the beginning of the summer internship*

Students who wish to be considered must submit an application packet with the following documentation:

  1. Completed application for the McNair Program (must include the 300 word essay as specified in the application)
  2. College Transcripts from all institutions student has attended (UALR students can print a copy of their most recent BOSS transcripts)
  3. Federal income tax form from the previous year (if you are under the age of 24, please turn in a copy of your parent/guardian’s federal income tax form)
  4. Three letters of recommendation, at least two from faculty members with direct knowledge of the students’ academic ability (When choosing recommenders, preference should be given to UALR faculty members that possess a doctoral degree.)

Applications can be printed from this website or picked up from the McNair Office in Speech Building Suite 120 or Suite 105.  All applications are to be returned to:

Ronald McNair Scholars Program
Speech Building Suite 120
2801 S. University Avenue
Little Rock, Arkansas 72204