Steps to Take Classes at UALR as a Guest Student

  1. Notify your VA Certifying Official at your home institution that you would like to take classes at UA Little Rock for the degree you are seeking.
  2. If you are a Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment student, approval is also needed from your Voc Rehab counselor to attend another school. If approved, your counselor will send Form 28-1905 to the UA Little Rock Office of Military Student Success. The form may be faxed to 501.683.7055 or emailed to Chapter 31 students, please complete Step 4 as well.
  3. If approved to take courses at UA Little Rock, your VA Certifying Official at your institution will send a “Parent letter” to UA Little Rock. This letter may be faxed to 501.683.7055 or emailed to
  4. After registering for the class(es) at UA Little Rock you are approved for, submit a UA Little Rock Certification Request Form (CRF).
    The CRF form will allow the UALR Office of Military Student Success to:
    a) Release your information, as required, to the Veterans Regional Office.
    b) Annotate your record to prevent deletion of classes.
    Remember, unless you are post 9/11 at 100%, you are responsible for making payments on your balance to UA Little Rock or ensuring your balance is paid in full. Contact UA Little Rock Student Accounts/Bursar’s Office to make payment arrangements.