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Places to Ride: Bear Creek Cycle Trail, Lake Greeson, SW Arkansas.

The Bear Creek Cycle Trail is a 37 mile, multi-point-of-entrance trail covering terrain that can be classified as cross country and at least of moderate difficulty. The trail runs parallel to the eastern shore of Lake Greeson, a Corp of Engineers constructed lake in southwest Arkansas, approximately 69 miles north of Texarkana. The trail winds along the lake shore, climbing up and down wooded hills and crossing streams and various roadways. The rider will experience rocky uphills and downhills, tight areas through trees, and mud (lots?) in certain areas following rain periods. Facilities in the area include full hook-up RV camping at Daisy State Park (Arkansas State Park, camping fee was $12.50/night) to more primitive camping sites under Corp of Engineers oversight. Lake Greeson provides a great place to boat and fish, and the entire family can enjoy an outing to this area. Additional riding areas very close to these campsites include Weyerhauser Forest areas (some as National Forest lands) and the Albert's Pike area. Dual purpose bikes can be advantageous for exploring these areas as many of the connecting roads are public.

Location: 69 miles north of Texarkana, 123 miles southwest of Little Rock on US Hwy 70.

Contact: Daisy State Park 103 East Park, Kirby, AR 71950 Ph (870) 398-4487

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·  Map of Lake Greeson and Trail

Places to Ride: Western Arkansas (and Eastern Oklahoma)

Wolf Pen Gap Trail, ATV and Mountain Bike Trails

NOTE: This trail system is still open! Previously, it closed during Gun Deer Hunting Season, but latest info (Thanks Bob at Ouachita ATV Club!) is its open all the time! Stay on posted trails!

Wolf Pen Gap was developed in 1991 from old logging roads and newly constructed trails to provide a place for ATVs (four wheelers to dirt bikes) and mountain bikers to ride. Total length is said to be 41 miles, but it includes numerous connected loops to give variety to riders. The trail includes water crossings and winds through pine and oak forests, and "features scenic mountain vistas". Trails are marked in this area, and difficulty levels are "easy to most difficult". The area does not have potable water sources, so plan to bring your own drinking water supply. There is no camping at the trail area, but check the link below for a commercial camping area that is nearby.

Location: From Mena, AR, take Arkansas Hwy 8 east to Arkansas Hwy 375, then go south to County Road 277. Mena is in western central Arkansas, near the Oklahoma state line.

For More Info: Mena Ranger District, 1603 Hwy. 71 N., Mena, AR 71953 Ph (479) 394-2382

Latest info on Wolf Pen Gap: Camping with cabins near the trails! Check out this site for more info, and additional pictures and trail map...

·  More Wolf Pen Gap Info

·  US Forestry Service Pages (look down page for Wolf Pen Gap in chart)...

·  Map of the Wolf Pen Gap Area

Places to Ride: Central Arkansas

Moccasin Gap, ATV

Moccasin Gap is a system of trails open to both ATV use and horses. This trail system is located north of Russellville on Highway 7, and is just north of Dover. Difficulty can range from easy to hard, and considerable mud can be expected after rains. The trails are shared with horses and mountain bike riders, so ATV and dirtbikers should be aware and use caution in some sections. Horses can be easily spooked at times!

Places to Ride: Western Arkansas

Fourche Mountain, ATV

Fourche Mountain is shown on the US Forestry Service pages (below) as open to ATV usage. It is near Mena, somewhat close to Wolf Pen Gap area.

·  Other organization page on Fourche Mountain...

Other information available now on Arkansas trails for ATVs. Check this US Forestry Service page for some trails, and contact info...

·  US Forestry Service pages on Other ATV trails...

·  Forestry Service general information on the use of trails, etc...

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