UALR students are already leaving their mark on the world.

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  • Sarah House

    Quote: “I strive for the top, and I just keep pushing until I make it happen.”
    Goals: Pediatric physician at Arkansas Children’s Hospital
    Mentor: Her dad

  • Lauren McNeaill

    Major: Business finance and psychology
    Goal: Complete Arkansas Fellowship to work at Simmons First National Bank
    Quote: “One of the primary things that I’ve learned from Dr. Austen is how to, as a woman, navigate the workplace.”

  • Alex Jaeger

    Computer science major and Leslie native, Alex Jaeger, recently returned from presenting in Arles, France, at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Virtual Reality Conference. Not only did Jaeger present, he also participated as a volunteer where he met and worked with graduate students from around the world. The project that sent him and […]

  • Chris Luckey

    Career: High school science teacher
    Major: Biology
    Quote: “(The brain tumor) was a blessing in disguise because I was able to re-enroll in college and pursue a career in science education.”

  • Victoria Medina

    Major: Political Science and International Studies
    Goal: Law school with focus on international adoptions
    Quote: “In some ways the university has prepared me not just with the specific fields that I’ve studied, but also with the organizations I’ve joined.”

  • Sandy Martinez

    Major: Political Science and History
    Goal: Law school and politics
    Quote: “My mom has always told me that I have the ability to stand up for what is right.”

  • Aaron Lazenby

    Major: Political Science
    Goal: To enroll in law school and study campaign law
    Regarding fraternities: “If we have a problem, we call each other out on it.”

  • Jessica Cone

    Major: Political Science and International Studies
    Passion in Life: Diplomacy
    Quote: “I believe that our generation is in a particularly pivotal point in history, and it is going to have a direct impact on not only the path our nation goes but for the entire world.”

  • Reagan Mannis

    Major: English
    Goal: To teach high school students
    Quote:“I love what we (CLC ambassadors) do with the community. It’s just amazing what we can all accomplish together.”

  • KenDrell Collins

    KenDrell Collins

    Major: Economics
    Dream Job: Attorney
    Quote: “The way I see it, we have a very limited time on Earth, and I try to do things that make my life count.”

  • Anna Waller

    Anna Waller

    Major: Professional and Technical Writing
    At UALR: Department of Rhetoric and Writing Ethos Award
    Quote: “I have so many friends and new opportunities… this is where I was supposed to be all along.”

  • Daniel Foltz-Morrison

    Daniel Foltz-Morrison

    Major: Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on health and human performance and music
    Quote: “I’m hoping to develop curricula I can sell at two different schools of music as a supplementary source of income as I pursue the solo performance career,”

  • Matthew Broderick

    Major(s): Criminal justice, minor in political science
    Dream Job: Attorney specializing in foster care and adoption
    Quote: “One of my favorite quotes is from Ghandi–be the change you want to see in the world.”

  • Kelsay Williams

    Kelsay Williams

    Major: Applied Communication Studies
    Quote: “I chose UALR because I really love the welcoming atmosphere, that connectedness between professors and students.”

  • Natalie Doris

    Natalie Doris

    Major(s): English and Spanish
    Dream Job: Immigration Attorney
    Quote: “I hope that I can set a good example for my sister, if only because I want her to have the chance to follow her own dreams like I have.”

  • Katherine Ray

    Katherine Ray

    Major: Music
    At UALR: Performed in musicals, The Fantasticks and Into the Woods
    Dream Job: Professor of Music Theory

  • Autumn Brown

    Autumn Brown

    Major(s): Biology and Spanish
    Dream Job: Become a bilingual pediatrician
    Quote: “I want to … directly speak with my patients.”

  • Devin Sorrows

    Major: Anthropology
    Quote: “I’m planning on practicing cultural resource management. With all the development, it can be easy to overlook historical and prehistoric sites.”

  • Hattie Felton

    Major: Public History
    Scholarship: Arkansas Museum Association
    Quote: “Obtaining a degree in public history enabled me to actually work with professionals in the field who might someday be my future colleagues.”

  • Bricen Pace

    Bricen Pace

    Major: Health, Human Performance, and Sport Management
    At UALR: Public Relations Student Society of America Prism Award: Best Communications Campaign

  • Brandi Barnes

    Brandi Barnes

    Name: Brandi Barnes
    Major: Information Science
    Quote: “I’ve been an active member of the Society of Women Engineers. We go to one of the largest conferences in the nation.”

  • Gus Leeper

    Gus Leeper

    Major: International Business and Business Management
    At UALR: College of Business Ambassador; National Association of Basketball Coaches Honors Court; Sun Belt Conference Commissioner’s List

  • Emily Phillips

    Emily Phillips

    Major: Anthropology
    At UALR: Donaghey Scholars Program
    Awards: J. Mulkey Kent award, Arkansas State Old Time Fiddle Champion

  • Megan Mathis

    Megan Mathis

    Major: Health and Exercise Science
    At UALR: Health Sciences Connection president; Sun Belt Conference Volleyball All-Tournament Team

  • Mary-Kate Williams

    Mary-Kate Williams

    Major: Biology
    Hometown: North Little Rock
    Quote: “After experiencing the professors, the closeness of everybody, I was really glad to have started school here.”

  • Mariano Ramirez

    Mariano Ramirez

    Major: Biology
    Quote: “I want to use my education and clinical experiences to really push my career as a physical therapist to help all those who need it, especially my family.”

  • Madeline Mcgee

    Madeline McGee

    Major: Strategic communications
    Hometown: Bryant, Ark.
    Scholarships: Chancellor’s Leadership Corps, Arkansas Lottery, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

  • Jennifer Hill

    Major: Chemistry
    At UALR: American Chemical Society Student Organization, College of Science Academic Excellence Award

  • Veniece Walker

    Veniece Walker

    Major: Nursing
    Hometown: Pine Bluff
    At UALR: Chancellor’s Leadership Corps, African American Female Initiative, Ladies Who Launch, Delta Sigma Theta

  • Jeffery Long

    Jeffrey Long

    At UALR: Vice President of Association of Computing Machinery
    Scholarships: Engineering and Information Technology Cyber Scholarship, Chancellor’s Academic Distinction Scholarship

  • Nora Bouzihay

    Major: Biology
    At UALR: Donaghey Scholar, Science Scholar, Arkansas Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Scholar
    Future plans: Surgeon or cancer researcher

  • Stanley James

    Stanley James

    Major: History
    Dream Job: Historian
    Quote: “I did work on verifying the place of [Johnny] Cash’s birth.

  • Nick Sosnoski

    Nick Sosnoski

    Major: Graphic Design
    Quote: “Everything that is visual throughout the [Johnny Cash] exhibition I have created.”

  • Sarah Brown

    Sarah Brown

    Major: Civil and Construction Engineering
    Quote: “I’m strong minded and strong willed. I think I will be successful because of that.”

  • David Johnson

    David Johnson

    Major: Physics
    Quote: “To me, there’s a beauty in physics. To quote some famous scientists, ‘physics really is the poetry of reality.'”

  • Micah Parker

    Micah Parker

    Major: Criminal Justice
    Dream Job: Governor of the State of Arkansas or Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court
    Quote: “I figure if you can’t aim high, then you ain’t got much to work for.”

  • Caitlin Love

    Caitlin Love

    Dream Job: Magazine Editor
    AT UALR: Donaghey Scholars Program
    Quote: “I’ve been able to travel to France and Ireland [with Donaghey Scholars Program] support.”

  • Emily Dobson

    Emily Dobson

    Major: Anthropology
    AT UALR: Donaghey Scholar
    Quote: “I was attracted to UALR because it’s in the capital city, and you have a whole lot of cultural resources that are very close by.”

  • Beth Knopsic

    Beth Knopsic

    Major: Political Science and International Studies
    AT UALR: International Simulations Association, Chancellor’s Leadership Corps

  • Aliyah Joseph

    Aliyah Joseph

    Major: Speech Pathology
    AT UALR: Chancellor’s Leadership Corps vice president, West Hall Council Treasurer, African-American Female Initiative, Ladies Who Launch, and Trojan Spear Committee

  • Robert Aikman

    Robert Aikman

    Major: Economics
    Dream Job: Professor of economics
    Future Plans: Backpacking across Europe

  • Robyn Oglesby

    Robyn Oglesby

    AT UALR: Chancellor’s Leadership Corps Treasurer, Alpha Chi,  Young Life
    Dream Job: Youth Pastor in Latin America
    Quote: “UALR is providing me with an education that will really be the jumping-off point for the rest of my life.”

  • Lyndsay Eddy

    AT UALR: Secretary of the Society of Women Engineers
    Dream Job: Working for one of the Big Four accounting firms
    Likes: Learning new technology

  • Eduardo Hernandez

    Eduardo Hernandez

    Dream Job: Company CEO or entrepreneur
    AT UALR: Friday Fellow, Chancellor’s Leadership Corps
    Quote: “There are so many opportunities for networking and connections, why wouldn’t you want to come here?”

  • Lindsey Watson

    Hometown: Monticello
    Likes: Working with older adults
    Quote: “Social work provides many opportunities to work with various populations, which is what I love about it.”

  • Zachary Hicks

    Major: Chemistry and Biology
    AT UALR: Donaghey Scholars program
    Dream Job: Doctor at Arkansas Children’s Hospital

  • Gillian Chastain

    Major: Nursing
    Quote:“It seems student success is always the goal, and I’ve been very impressed and valued what I have gained so far.”

  • Alexandra (Ali) Herring

    Major: Dance
    Dream Job: Choreographer
    Quote: “I would love to be dancing on stages across the world, in places I never would have gone otherwise, and immersing myself in new cultures.”

  • Riley Graber

    Program: Law Student
    At UALR: President of the Student Bar Association
    Quote: “My mom told me that I argued well enough to be a lawyer as a three-year-old so I should go to law school.”

  • Claudia Hornbeck

    Graduate Program: Social Work
    Dream Job: Working with immigrants
    Quote: “My career goal would consist of getting my licensure in social work, and after that I want to change the world.”

  • Mason Qualls

    Major: History and Biology
    Dream Job: Oncologist
    AT UALR: President of Honors Society for History Students; UALR Biology Club

  • Holland Colclasure

    Holland Colclasure

    Graduate Program: Professional and Technical Writing
    Quote: “I really want to thank everybody who’s helped me focus and become the man and the student and the teacher who I am today.”

  • Nicole Paladino

    Nicole Paladino

    Major: Criminal Justice
    Quote: “If you want to prosecute someone, you need to understand their thought process.”

  • Lauren Mincy

    Lauren Mincy

    Major: Speech pathology
    Quote: “As a person who has already had a career and having chosen to go back to school, I knew that it had to be something that just spoke to me like nothing else.”

  • Scott Foster

    Scott Foster

    Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Major: Political Science
    Dream Job: Professor of political science
    Quote: “I hope to have an influence on the future of politics by concentrating on the people that are actually going to be going into politics.”

  • Virginia Chambers

    Virginia Chambers

    Hometown: Sherwood
    Hobbies: Reading, cooking, and hiking
    Major: Speech pathology

  • Ben Bradley

    Ben Bradley

    Major: Anthropology
    Quote: “Dr. Scott does a lot of work with paleoanthropology. She’s been a huge help in helping me network and get shadowing opportunities with different people in the city.”

  • Nikki Ackerman

    Nikki Ackerman

    Major: English, minor in film
    Likes: Being near family, creative writing
    Background: Joined the U.S. Army right out of high school and had a tour of duty in Bosnia

  • Callie Bradford

    Major: Media production with emphasis in motion pictures
    Quote: “I love to write. That’s the biggest reason I want to go to movies. You can go to distant galaxies and make it look real.”

  • Clark Harris

    Major: English
    Hometown: Little Rock
    Quote: “I love to write, and I believe it’s essential for everyone to find their voice.”

  • Furonda Brasfield

    Furonda Brasfield

    Major: Law
    Hometown: Stuttgart
    Quote: “It’s not just about learning the law, it’s about learning how you’re going to be an asset to your community once you know the law.”

  • kirsten elliot

    Kirsten Elliot

    Hometown: Sherwood
    Quote: “In Arkansas, about seven in 10 kids don’t read proficiently. We think that’s a terrible problem and we want to solve it ….”

  • Erika

    Erika Bowsher

    Major: German and international studies
    Quote: “I’m really interested in traveling. I’ve been abroad a few times already, and I’d like to continue doing that.”

  • Lance Lippig

    Lance Lippig

    Major: Engineering
    Quote: “It’s been nice to learn more about the college this way and has been a unique opportunity that, without CLC, I might not have had.”

  • Emily Bruner

    Emily Bruner

    MAJOR: Theater
    AT UALR: CLC, Greek life
    QUOTE: “I don’t like a half-baked job; I’m generally the person going the extra mile for the people in my life.”

  • Mackie O'Hara

    Mackie O’Hara

    Hometown: Little Rock
    Major: Anthropology
    AT UALR: Donaghey Scholar
    Achievements Found a 2-million-year old foot bone in South Africa

  • Wendy Lyons

    Wendy Lyons McCloud

    Hometown: Little Rock
    Major: Triple major in small business management, accounting, and professional and technical writing

  • Marita McNair

    Marita McNair

    Future: Working for a think tank.
    Hometown: Kalamazoo, Mich.
    At UALR: Pre-law society, history honors society, non-traditional student organization

  • Neva Rendel

    Neva Randel

    Major: Criminal justice
    Interests: Tactical training and target shooting
    Quote: “In high school, I always said that I was going to be a FBI agent.”

  • Spencer Lloyd

    Spencer Lloyd

    Hometown: Bryant
    Likes: Singing and performing
    Quote: “Music is something I am comfortable with and want to do with the rest of my life.”

  • christopher pettigrew

    Christopher Pettigrew

    Major: Nursing
    Hometown: Pine Bluff
    Interests: Helping children
    Quote: “Children need advocates. They need someone to give them a voice.”

  • Asad Akhter

    Asad Akhter

    Major:Biology and Chemistry
    Likes: Presenting science research at national conferences
    At UALR: SGA Senator of the Year 2012 and a University Science Scholar.

  • Wesley Baltimore

    Wesley Baltimore

    Major: Speech pathology and audiology
    Likes: Helping others communicate
    Quote: “I want to be part of that process that helps people have better communication.”

  • Carlos Sepulveda

    Carlos Sepulveda

    Major: Economics
    Hometown: Little Rock
    Future plans: Possibly a master’s degree in public health services to become a patient advocate

  • CheNesia Brown

    CheNesia Brown

    Major: Criminal Justice
    Mission: Ensure justice for everyone
    Quote: “If you don’t like something, then change it. In order to change the system, you have to become part of the system.”

  • Kari Payton

    Kari Payton

    Major: Systems Engineering
    Hometown: Bastrop, La.
    Interests: Math, intramural sports
    At UALR: Baptist College Ministry, Donaghey Scholar

  • Kayleigh Richards

    Major: Spanish
    Interests: Study abroad, serving others
    Quote: “Going into situations where anything could happen, it pushes me and my boundaries are definitely stretched.”

  • Brice Smith

    Major: Information science
    Hometown: Fordyce
    At UALR: Intern at Acxiom, president of student club, the Society of Computing and Information Science

  • Vivian

    Vivien-Sara Fechner

    Major: Photography
    Hometown: Berlin, Germany
    At UALR: Leads a diverse group of students as president of UALR’s International Club, Donaghey Scholar

  • Emily

    Emily Thacker

    Major: Social Work
    Hometown: Texarkana
    Interests: Exploring Little Rock, helping girls feel empowered
    At UALR: Student worker in EIT

  • Porntip Israsena

    Porntip Israsena

    Major: International Relations, Spanish
    Hometown: North Little Rock
    Interests: Studying other cultures
    At UALR: Three-time study abroad student, Donaghey Scholar

  • Brook Scalzo

    Major: Nursing (online)
    Interests: Performing, teaching improv
    At UALR: Walker Scholarship recipient
    In Little Rock: Nurse at Arkansas Children’s Hospital

  • Trevor

    Trevor Collins

    Major: E-Commerce
    Hometown: Maumelle
    Interests: Video production, web design
    At UALR: University TV, EAST Scholar, Trojan ambassador

  • Miguel Alvarez

    “Studying engineering has given me a feeling of satisfaction and self-worth,” he said. “And as a quality engineer intern at Caterpillar Inc., I am gaining valuable work experience before I even finish my degree.”

  • Trevor Collins

    “The connection among UALR students, staff, and faculty is strong and family-friendly. The university offered a home away from home.”

  • Brook Scalzo

    “The program allows you to work with several hospitals throughout central Arkansas and determine which environment is right for you,” she said. “The professors work hard to make sure that you are prepared and confident to join the workforce.”

Whether it's studying in another country (or three), interning at one of the world's largest data companies, or hosting a TV show, UALR students are getting a jump on their future. Ready to see what your future looks like at UALR?

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