Emily Thacker

  • Major:

    Social Work

  • Hometown:


  • Interests:

    Exploring Little Rock, helping girls feel empowered At UALR: Student worker in EIT

Emily Thacker decided to transfer to UALR from a community college in Texarkana, Texas, because she was ready for something new.

“I transferred to UALR because I knew this would be an exciting and different experience than Texarkana College,” she said. “It is so much bigger and has so many different options in classes. ”

Thacker was home schooled her entire life and able to focus on subjects that interested her. Being homeschooled also meant she could receive the additional help she needed in subjects that posed a challenge and prepared Thacker for the rigors of college earlier than usual.

“When I was 16 my mother and I decided it was time for me to attend college classes,” she said, “so I began to take classes at Texarkana College right before my 17th birthday.”

Thacker received an associate’s degree of Fine and Studio Arts. There she learned the value of relationships from her art professors.

“These two ladies worked very hard each day, spending time teaching us techniques and helping us express our thoughts into something beautiful. Not only did they teach us art, but they also wanted to have relationships with us,” she said.

Today, Thacker is taking that background in building strong relationships to pursue a degree in social work at UALR.

“If I could use my degree to encourage the lives of just a few young women I would feel accomplished,” she said. “Helping teenage girls to feel empowered, intelligent, and beautiful is important to me.”

Outside the classroom she works on campus in UALR’s Engineering and Information Technology Student Services. “I enjoy working in EIT because there is always something going on. I enjoy being able to greet students and professors walking in and out of the office,” she said.

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