Lance Lippig

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    Little Rock

Lance Lippig Lance Lippig, a sophomore and Chancellor’s Leadership Corps ambassador at UALR, fell in love with all things automotive as a young boy growing up in Little Rock.

So it is perhaps not surprising that his career goals include working for an automotive company, either in a leadership position or in automotive design.

Lippig chose UALR because of its proximity to home and because, after having visited during high school, he had a great comfort level with the campus and faculty. Soon after arriving, Christy Jackson became one of his favorite faculty members, an instructor in the mathematics department.

“I just loved her because she was very good at communicating math concepts,” said Lippig. “She’s also very friendly and knows how to communicate her subject very clearly.”

But Lippig says the best part of being a student and belonging to the UALR family is the chance to join the Chancellor’s Leadership Corps.

“They’ve really intergrated me into the community here,” he said. “It’s given me the chance to meet lots of students and folks like (CLC Coordinator) Nick Steele. It’s been nice to learn more about the college this way and has been a unique opportunity that, without CLC, I might not have had.”

It is no wonder that Lippig is getting on well at UALR; he is deeply engaged, even driven by his interests.

“One word to describe me is ‘passionate,’” he said. “The reason why is because the different things I want to do–I don’t pursue them mindlessly. Ninety percent of the time when I go after something, I really go for it.”

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