Marita McNair

  • Future:

    I would enjoy working for a think tank.

  • Hometown:

    Kalamazoo, MI

  • Quote:

    “History is an excellent subject if you have an inquisitive mind.”

Marita McNair

Marita McNair, an undergraduate student majoring in history, feels very strongly about social justice and environmental justice issues.

“When you are looking at a career, I think you get the most satisfaction when you know you are helping others,” she said.

For McNair, the deciding factor in choosing a college was the opportunity to live in Little Rock, but she soon found out what else the UALR  had to offer.

“I came to UALR for the location and I stayed for the academics,” she said. “I really see myself growing as a student, looking at the big picture and getting my head around the problem.”

“(Studying) history is a great way to develop critical thinking skills, to learn how to grasp and analyze arguments.”

McNair has enriched her college experience by being active in several campus organizations including the Pre-law Society, History Honors Society, and the Non-traditional Student Organization.

McNair is the type of student who thinks ahead.

“I think one day I might want to go into law or public administration… some of the things I am interested in are environmental history, economic history, and urban studies,” she said.

In order to pursue her interests McNair, with the help of UALR staff, decided to focus on a topic that speaks directly to her future goals.

“Right now I am taking an independent study course to do research on the history of shared waterway management in Arkansas and the mid-south region. I am looking at whether the different interests in the management structure (federal, state, local) influenced sustainability considerations in policy development.”

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