Robyn Oglesby

Robyn OglesbyFreshman Robyn Oglesby loves living on campus at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, where she is learning new things, making friends, and transitioning into adult life.

Drawn to other universities in her initial investigations, Oglesby decided to consider UALR and discovered a natural fit.

“UALR was not actually my first choice when it came to colleges, but when I found all the opportunities and the scholarship offers here, I knew this was where I was supposed to go,” she said.

In Oglesby’s sociology classes, she is learning to observe why people do the things they do.

She appreciates Dr. David Briscoe of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology for his knowledge and the passion he demonstrates for his subject.

“I’ve learned from him [Dr. Briscoe] to look at things in a new way,” she said, indicating that there are always motivating factors for human behavior.

Oglesby enjoys the social life in the residential hall, where she lives. She finds the rooms attractive, and she loves spending time with the other students there, baking cookies in the kitchens or just hanging out together in the lobby.

“Everyone else there is going through the same stage of life. It’s awesome to have other freshmen there with you that are discovering college and adult life,” she said.

Oglesby wants to become a youth pastor.

“I am really passionate about Latin America,” she said, “and I would love to go there one day and work with underprivileged teenagers.”

“I would say that UALR is really setting me on the path for my future. UALR is providing me with an education that will really be the jumping-off point for the rest of my life.”


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