Trevor Collins

Trevor Collins of Maumelle knew it wasn’t necessary to travel far away from home to get the education he wanted.

Collins graduated from Little Rock’s eStem High Public Charter School, which advances the study of science, technology, engineering, and math. He chose UALR for his post-high school education because he could expand his educational horizons without sacrificing the intimacy of a campus environment similar to that of his former high school.

“The connection among UALR students, staff, and faculty is strong and family-friendly. The university offered a home away from home,” he said.

Even though Collins is local to the area, he chose to live on campus because of the numerous opportunities to socialize and bond with other students majoring in the same subject areas.

“Immediately, I felt connected with all of the students because of the campus-wide activities available for students,” he said.

In addition, Collins is able to finance his education as an Environmental and Spatial Technology (EAST) scholar, which can be renewed up to four years totaling $40,000. He is allowed to major in any area of study available at UALR.

He said the quality of the academic programs at UALR is reflected in the fact that professors routinely adapt their curriculum to go beyond the basics. Collins believes this quick adaptation is important on many levels.

“As we progress in time, our information, technology, and tools are constantly changing,” said Collins. “It is important to have professors who update their knowledge and techniques so the content is relevant, not only for today, but for the future.”

Collins encourages other students to view higher education as an opportunity to grow both intellectually and personally. But ultimately, any education is what a person makes of it, he said.

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