Wesley Baltimore

Wesley Baltimore

Wesley Baltimore, a senior speech pathology and audiology major, says the sole inspiration for his program of studies at UALR has been his mother.

Baltimore, whose mother is deaf, said he realized from a young age that there are people who have communication disorders, not only hearing loss, but speech disorders as well.

“Going through college I realized I wanted to work with more than just deaf people; I wanted to work with all people with communication disorders. It’s all about making communication easier for people,” he said.

“I want to be part of that process that helps people have better communication.”

After graduation, Baltimore hopes to enter a masters degree program. Following that, he says he would like to work with children, whether in schools or hospitals, or perhaps with the elderly in nursing homes.

“The end result is that I would like to be the director of my own speech and hearing clinics,” he said.

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