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Research Expo Brings Out the Best in Student Work

Building up to this year’s UALR Student Research Expo, (learn more about the event here) we’d like to showcase images, stories, and sounds from research expo events of years past.

Read this story, documenting the 2010 Research Expo:

“My silver nanoparticles are going to be used in collaboration with UAMS and will be used with antibodies targeting staph bacteria,” she said. “The antibody will then dock with the bacteria, which will take in the silver nanoparticle which you can target with a laser, heating up the particles until they tear the bacteria apart, leaving the surrounding flesh unharmed. Dead bacteria; living flesh.”

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UALR’s Undergrad Research: Not Your Father’s Term Paper

The Undergraduate Research Expo showcases and encourages research and creative endeavors by UALR undergraduates in all disciplines. Applicable research includes senior theses, honors projects, independent study projects, and course projects, among others. The research may be ongoing or recently completed and may be individual or collaborative.

Three videos from the 2009 Undergraduate Research Expo:

All in the Family