CLC coordinator moves to new program

Head shot of new concurrent enrollment specialist, Nick Steele

Nick Steele worked as coordinator of the Chancellor’s Leadership Corps (CLC) for almost five years. On Feb. 1, he took a new position as a concurrent enrollment specialist in UALR’s High School Concurrent Enrollment Program to assist efforts to expand the program’s outreach.

Taking his place as interim coordinator is Kelsay Williams, a graduate assistant and a graduate student earning a master’s degree in applied communication studies.

“It was wonderful working for Nick,” said Williams. “I had the utmost respect for him and what he did for our students.”

The CLC is a scholarship program offered to high school seniors who show exemplary leadership skills.

Through the High School Concurrent Enrollment Program, qualified high school students in participating schools earn college credit. Students take UALR courses that are taught at the high school campus and count for both high school and university credits.

Q. What role will you play in concurrent programs?

A. My current role in concurrent programs will be to troubleshoot issues, maintain the website, social media, and work closely with our offices on campus such as admissions, testing services, records, and bursars. Without these areas, concurrent programs wouldn’t be as successful as they are now at UALR.

Q. Would you tell us more about concurrent programs?

A. It is a great way to get a head start on your college career while in high school. Having these partnerships with schools across the state benefits everyone involved in the process.  

Q.What do you hope to accomplish in concurrent programs?

A. I look forward to helping the concurrent enrollment expand and reach greater heights.

Q. What do you hope to learn while working in concurrent programs?

A. I love to learn new things. So to get an opportunity to work in another area on campus and assist in our enrollment is great experience for me.

Q. What are your thoughts on Kelsay becoming interim coordinator of CLC?

A. Kelsay Williams is a great leader! She will do wonderful things and keep things moving along in CLC during the interim. She has all the knowledge to succeed.

Q. What will you miss at the CLC?

A. Wow, so many great memories! I will miss the daily interaction with our scholars and leaders on campus. Many students have told me over the years that I have had an impact on their lives, but what they don’t know is how much they have impacted my life as well. They have truly been my family away from home. They are a great group of students that I will miss dearly.

Q. Is there anything you would like to add?

A. I would like to add, to the future coordinator, take your time! Get to know the students on a personal level. This will be the most important thing to do while helping them develop as young adults in college. Always be genuine, have a great attitude, and be willing to serve and care for your students.

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