UALR holds Shadow-A-Student program

University of Arkansas at Little Rock faculty members are getting a chance to better understand the student learning experience.

The UALR Academy for Learning and Teaching Excellence Shadow-A-Student program pairs faculty members and students. The faculty member attends one of the student’s classes, and the pair meet to discuss the experience. Academy staff members will contact the student’s instructor in advance to gain permission for the faculty member to attend the class.

After the class visit and discussion with the student, the faculty member will write a description of the experience to share at the academy’s Shadow-A-Student luncheon on Wednesday, April 6. Students are also invited to attend the luncheon.

“While the classroom visit is the main activity of the program, students and faculty alike have found that a much broader conversation about learning and attending UALR results from the experience,” said Dr. Kristin Mann, co-director of the academy and a professor of history. “We have found that the program is a rare opportunity to understand student life and learning more deeply.”

For more information, please contact the Academy for Learning and Teaching Excellence at 501.682.8459 or If you are a faculty member who would like to participate, please fill out the proper form ( If you are a student who would like to participate, please fill out the form for students. (

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