UALR teacher education program named one of Arkansas’s best

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock has been ranked the third best teacher education program in Arkansas, according to the online teaching portal,

To Become a Teacher reviewed 19 colleges and universities in Arkansas that offer education training for future teachers.

The rankings were based on data from universities and government agencies and analyzed several factors, including student-to-faculty ratios, graduation rates, potential earnings, program expenses, career counseling, and return on investment.  

“The education department at University of Arkansas at Little Rock is among Arkansas’s best,” said Tim Charlet, editor of To Become a Teacher.

Charlet said the UALR program’s high ranking was due to top five scores in several categories, including graduation rates, return on investment, and program expenses.

“We hope students and their families can utilize this data so they can make an informed decision as to which school is best suited for their individual needs and career aspirations,” he said. was built by a collaborative team of educational and career experts who focus their efforts on providing students of all levels with factual resources that will help them navigate the educational and career hurdles required to achieve their professional goals.

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