UALR community provides Dr. Rogerson with tips, advice

Dr. Andrew Rogerson begins his role as UALR’s 10th chancellor on Thursday, Sept. 1. To help him and his wife, Janessa, learn more about the campus and Little Rock, students and staff offered up tips and recommendations via UALR’s Facebook page and Instagram account.

Mrs. Janessa Rogerson and Dr. Andrew Rogerson
Mrs. Janessa Rogerson and Dr. Andrew Rogerson

From tips on where to eat to what the best campus spots are, the UALR community’s helpful feedback will no doubt assist the Rogersons as they get to know both the campus and the city.

Best places to eat

Tanya Alvarado: Check out Chuy’s on Chenal – best tex-mex in town!

Anita Wheetley: I’d add Kemuri, Bruno’s, and Samantha’s Tap Room.

Seth Cook: Three Fold downtown is my favorite. Best Asian dumplings around.

Angela Hunter: The Root has excellent locally-sourced food and is owned by a wonderful local couple who do a lot for the community.

Emily Bell Cox: Just going to throw out Big Orange: Midtown (right up the road from UALR campus homecomingUALR), Heights Taco & Tamale Co., Local Lime, The Fold: Botanas & Bar, and of course U.S. Pizza Company by campus!

Jon Coffins: Best restaurant in central arkansas has to be Arthur’s steakhouse in my opinion. Great customer service and atmosphere.

Shannon Miller: For a great local coffee shop, check out River City Coffee on Kavanaugh.

Tracey Casler: Brunch at Cafe Bossa Nova is mandatory, and you can also keep up with Little Rock Soirée magazine for local events!

Linda Martin: I love the dumplings at Three Fold Noodles and Dumpling Co. The Capital Hotel Bar and Grill is a fun place for drinks, food and people watching.

Shana Leggate: I recommend trying YaYa’s Euro Bistro, Table 28, Cache Restaurant, and At The Corner.

Diana Isabel: The Butcher Shop is my favorite place for dinner! Their twice baked potato is to die for.

Brianna Paige: I LOVE Damgoode Pies when I’m in the mood for great homemade pizza!

Louis Scivally: Try one of our local restaurants…Damgoode Pies is amazing!

Brian Gregory: Go to Yogurt Mountain.


Advice for the unpredictable Arkansas weatherUALR campus

Monika Sandlin: Always carry an umbrella! As long as it has shade on campus, it’s cool!

Tanya Alvarado: Definitely always carry an umbrella!

Seth Cook: The best way to handle the weather is to learn to cope with excessive humidity.

Meaghan Milliorn Fikes: Arkansas is blessed with a beautiful fall. The campus is gorgeous when the leaves change colors.


Take in the sights

Cody Lynn Berry: Go visit the Sequoyah National Research Center!

Brianna Paige: My favorite spot on campus is the bench near Cooper Fountain under all the trees.

UALR Cooper Fountain

Keli Jacobi: You really should try the Arkansas River Trail — a must for any outdoor enthusiast. And when at UALR, definitely take a stroll on the Coleman Creek Trail!

Angela Paladino: Be sure to come visit us out at the UALR Benton Center!

Seth Cook: Favorite spot on campus – the Greek amphitheater on Coleman Creek.

Meaghan Milliorn Fikes: Obviously attending a Trojan basketball game is high priority. I’d also suggest just driving around Little Rock. The city is beautiful and hilly with so many different areas to explore.

Final words of advice

Monika S Sandlin: Go out and meet your students. Go to the different colleges on campus and go to their “hang out spots” and sit down and talk with the students to find out more about just how truly different they all are and how that makes UALR special. Also, become a member of the maroon mob!UALR Maroon Mob

Jon Coffins: Nobody in arkansas can drive…that’s good to know.

Nancy Hall: I am originally from Los Angeles and my husband is from Rockford. We love Arkansas and both of you will too! My husband and I would love to give you some tips!

Seth Cook: I’ll get them in touch with my friends from Sacramento who moved here in 2003. They fell in love. There’s no place like the South. Welcome, Dr. Rogerson!

Moses Kinglisy: All the best in your new job!

Little Rock Soirée magazine: Welcome to your new home, Rogersons!

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