UA Little Rock student-athletes earn Sun Belt academic honors

An enthusiastic crowd supports UA Little Rock athletes in the Jack Stephens Center.

Nearly 54 percent of University of Arkansas at Little Rock student-athletes were on honored as the Sun Belt Conference released its Commissioner’s List and Honor Roll Aug. 15. 

More than 100 Trojans were honored with placement on one of the league’s two lists. The Commissioner’s List recognizes student-athletes with grade point averages (GPA) above 3.5, and the Honor Roll recognizes student-athletes with GPAs between 3.0 and 3.49.

The 106 total student-athletes on those lists is up from last year’s total of 99. Fifty-six student-athletes made the Commissioner’s List in 2017 — the second-highest total since 2014.

The Trojan baseball team had the highest number of student-athletes on both lists with 28 members in total. Fourteen members of the team were named to the Commissioner’s List, and 14 others were named to the Honor Roll.

Soccer had the highest number of student-athletes named to the Commissioner’s List with 17. Seven others were named to the Honor Roll for a total of 24 student-athletes recognized by the league.

Little Rock track and field and cross country combined for 22 student-athletes on the Sun Belt lists. Four men and four women were named to the Commissioner’s List, and five men and nine women were named to the Honor Roll.

Women’s basketball had eight student-athletes honored by the league with one on the Commissioner’s List and seven on the Honor Roll.

Eight members of the Trojan volleyball team were placed on the Sun Belt lists, as four earned spots on the Commissioner’s List and four earned spots on the Honor Roll.

Men’s golf saw seven of its student-athletes honored as six earned placement on the Commissioner’s List and one made it to the Honor Roll.

Women’s golf also had seven student-athletes honored by the league as six made the Commissioner’s List and one made the Honor Roll.

Men’s basketball had two players earn a spot on the league’s Honor Roll.

UA Little Rock’s honored student-athletes include:

Commissioner’s List

  • Zach Baker, Baseball
  • Jacob Boggess, Baseball
  • Kale Emshoff, Baseball
  • Ryan LeMoine, Baseball
  • Cory Malcom, Baseball
  • Matt McDowell, Baseball
  • Keegan Meyn, Baseball
  • Cody Daylor, Baseball
  • Corbin Osburn, Baseball
  • Hunter Owens, Baseball
  • Riley Pittman, Baseball
  • Christian Reyes, Baseball
  • Dylan Slayton, Baseball
  • Dalton Thomas, Baseball
  • Ronjanae DeGray, Women’s Basketball
  • Grady Bourguignon, Men’s Golf
  • Zach Coats, Men’s Golf
  • Danial Durisic, Men’s Golf
  • Brady Edwards, Men’s Golf
  • Nico Parra, Men’s Golf
  • George Scanlon, Men’s Golf
  • Shania Berger, Women’s Golf
  • Emelie Blennow, Women’s Golf
  • Sabrina Bonanno, Women’s Golf
  • Lucy Owen, Women’s Golf
  • Thea Wakeford-Wesmann, Women’s Golf
  • Peyton Weaver, Women’s Golf
  • Arola Aparicio Gili, Soccer
  • Madison Bingham, Soccer
  • Sara Cavanagh, Soccer
  • Jaylin Finney, Soccer
  • Sammi Gregory, Soccer
  • Doro Greulich, Soccer
  • Harrison Hayworth, Soccer
  • Nora Hellmers, Soccer
  • Hali Long, Soccer
  • Jaclyn Purvine, Soccer
  • Shara Robbins, Soccer
  • Samantha Rolka, Soccer
  • Lisa Ryan, Soccer
  • Sairra Tucker, Soccer
  • Kayla Turner, Soccer
  • Josie Verslues, Soccer
  • Quin Wilkes, Soccer
  • Davion Campbell, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Tyler Davis, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Nghia Dinh, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Kendrick Dunn, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Jasmine Blunt, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Sara Claycomb, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Akeia Joyner, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Hunter Paul, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Marina Avram, Volleyball
  • Taylor Lindberg, Volleyball
  • Veronica Marin, Volleyball
  • Sydnee Martin, Volleyball

Honor Roll

  • Justin Cooper, Baseball
  • Bryce Dimitroff, Baseball
  • Justin Garcia, Baseball
  • Ty Gunter, Baseball
  • Cameron Knight, Baseball
  • Cody McGill, Baseball
  • Danny Mitchell Jr., Baseball
  • McKinley Moore, Baseball
  • Preston Oberling, Baseball
  • Zach Ours, Baseball
  • Ben Patranella, Baseball
  • Jacob Rateliff, Baseball
  • Cole Townsend, Baseball
  • Reed Willenborg, Baseball
  • Brandon Brady, Men’s Basketball
  • Shandon Goldman, Men’s Basketball
  • Sydney Chastain, Women’s Basketball
  • Sharde’ Collins, Women’s Basketball
  • Anna Hurlburt, Women’s Basketball
  • Keanna Keys, Women’s Basketball
  • Emily Lytle, Women’s Basketball
  • Kaitlyn Pratt, Women’s Basketball
  • Kiara Scott, Women’s Basketball
  • George Trujillo, Men’s Golf
  • Pernille Orlien, Women’s Golf
  • Bailey Fithian, Soccer
  • Fali Garuba, Soccer
  • Camilla Olsson, Soccer
  • Claire Palmer, Soccer
  • Shannon Shields, Soccer
  • Sara Small, Soccer
  • Logan Strange, Soccer
  • Imad Amenzou, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Zodani Francois, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Terence Goodwin, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Emilio Medina, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Jaquez Wilson, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Brittney Anderson, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Anika Charles, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Nicole Edison, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Tyra Gilliam, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Adela Hernandez, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Tyler Kelly, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Widline Lageroy, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Christina Nickerson, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Rebeca Solis, Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Hope Larmour, Volleyball
  • Miona Milovanovic, Volleyball
  • Tiara Wilkins, Volleyball
  • Aubrey Wilson, Volleyball
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