College of Engineering and Information Technology announces award winners

UA Little Rock students present research at the College of Engineering and Information Technology Open House on April 27.

The George W. Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock honored nearly 100 awards winners during the college’s annual awards ceremony on April 27. 

Earlier in the day, students from the college displayed their research and capstone projects during the third annual EIT Open House.

The event was sponsored by Arkansas Research Alliance, Bernhard TME Engineering, Harrison Energy Partners, Little Rock Regional Chamber, Mainstream Technologies, and VCC.

The awards winners include:

EIT College Awards

Laura Butler – Outstanding Associate Degree Graduate Award

Hugh Benfer – Outstanding Bachelor’s Degree Graduate Award

Hadi Salman – Outstanding Master’s Degree Graduate Award

Li-hsin Chang – Outstanding Master’s Degree Graduate Award

Yanyan Li – Outstanding Ph.D. Degree Graduate Award

EIT Student Support Center Undergraduate Awards

Jason Simmons – Third Place

Yu Nie – Second Place

Justin Parker – First Place

EIT Graduate Awards

Suzan Anwar – Third Place

Adewale Obadimu – Second Place

Evan Xiangwe – First Place

EIT Abstract Awards

Sandeep Munot – Third Place

Shashank Khaire – Second Place

Pablo Centeno – First Place

Elevator Speech Awards

Sandeep Munot – Honorable Mention

Harrison Blume – Honorable Mention

J’Von Jackson – Honorable Mention

Eric Brasby – Honorable Mention

Madhuri Ghorpade – Honorable Mention

Trigun Maroo – Grand Prize

Mainstream Technologies Awards

Ruipeng Zhang – Applied Innovation Award

Karen Watts – Professional Presentation Award

Tuja Khaund – Complete Solution Award

Arkansas Research Alliance Awards

Vernard Henley (left) presents Adewale Obadimu (right) with second place in the EIT Grad Award.
Vernard Henley (left) presents Adewale Obadimu (right) with second place in the EIT Grad Awards.

Adewale Obadimu – Third Place

Suzan Anwar – Second Place

Jaimes Krutz – First Place

Department of Earth Science Awards

Kayla Bolin, Jason Spencer, Jason Simmons, and Callie Pace – 2018 Field Camp Award

Rebecca Bishop and Tyler Kee – Outstanding Laboratory Assistants

Luke Tyhurst – Laboratory Assistant of the Year

Matt Carey – Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant

Matt Carey and Tyler Kee – Outstanding Service Award

Aaron Baggett – Outstanding Graduate Student

Jason Simmons – Outstanding Senior Award

Olivia Pate – Philip and Marietta Kehler Endowed Scholarship Recipient

Department of Construction Management and Civil and Construction Engineering Awards

Nicole Compton, Jonathan Henderson, David Greenwood, Amanda Hall, Jonathan Picking, Sandeep Munot, Daniel Trotta, and William Beggs – Excellence Award for Academic Scholarship

Blake Johnston, Edyta Osiecko, Harrison Hayworth, Kassandra Castrillo, and Sam Kincannon – 2018 American Society of Civil Engineers Student Chapter Service Award

Department of Engineering Technology Awards

Christa Hindman – Freshman Award

Gregory Riley – Sophomore Award

Abdellatif Elmansouri – Junior Award

Cory Fortson – Senior Award

Elias Perez Reyes – Freshman Award

Pablo Centeno – Sophomore Award

Steven Swaffar – Junior Award

Chris Kelly – Senior Award

Anthony Elkins, Robert Hurst, Trent Smith, and Spencer Young – Senior Project Award

Matthew Hood – Senior Project Award

Christopher Bohner – Departmental Service Award

Garret Rich – Outstanding Graduate Award

Matthew Hood – Outstanding Graduate Award

Gordon Ward IV – Outstanding Graduate Award

Zachary Setzer – Outstanding Graduate Award

Department of Computer Science Awards

Peyton Laughley – Outstanding Freshman Award

Connor Stegeman – Outstanding Sophomore Award

Cindy Monterroz – Outstanding Junior Award

Thomas Goss – Outstanding Graduating Senior Award

Tanner Marshall – Outstanding Service Award

Yanyan Li – Outstanding Research Award

Chen Xu – Outstanding Master Student Award

Ramiro Serrano – Outstanding First Year Doctoral Student Award

Suzan Anawar – Outstanding Publication Award

Connor Young – Outstanding Doctoral Student Award

Department of Information Science Awards

Eric Grasby – Outstanding Student

Evan Alden – Outstanding Student Ambassador

James Watts – Outstanding Web Design Student

Zachary Randolph – Outstanding Web Design Student

April Lim – Outstanding ITEC Student

UA Little Rock/UAMS Graduate Program in Bioinformatics Awards

Ujwani Nukala – Outstanding Doctoral Student

Dan Li – Excellence in Research Award

Sunil Nokku – Outstanding M.S. Project

Li-Hsin Chang – Outstanding Master’s Award

Shilpa Karma Konda – Outstanding Service Award

Yumeng Ye – Outstanding Research Award

Bingyi Zhong – Outstanding Service Award

Yu Nie – Outstanding Research Award

Dr. Daniel Pullen – Outstanding Alumni Award

Department of Systems Engineering Awards

John Graham – Outstanding Sophomore Award

Damon Wallace – Outstanding Sophomore Award

Andrew Cherry – Outstanding Junior Award

Patrick Elliot – Outstanding Junior Award

Andrew Lockhart – Outstanding Senior Award

Anderson Banihirwe – Outstanding Senior Award

Shelby Wingate – Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award

Bailey Barnes – Successful Doctoral Student Award

Sheng Sang – Successful Doctoral Student Award

He Zang – Successful Doctoral Student Award

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