Bowen Law School announces 2018-19 Law Review members

William H. Bowen School of Law

The UA Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law has announced its new members and editorial board for the 2018-18 UA Little Rock Law Review. 

New members of the UA Little Rock Law Review include Richard Burke, Caleb Davenport, Samantha Davidson, Mary Edwards, Jessica Fontenot, Joanie Harp, Jessica Keith, Robert Lewis, Marci Manley, Hunter Mullins, Derek Peterson, Michael Pollock, William Swartzwelder, B. Austin Waters, and Christopher Yates.

Members of the UA Little Rock Law Review Editorial Board include Christine Dillard, editor-in-chief; Wes Manus, executive editor; Meredith Powell, executive editor; Jalen Toms, managing editor; Allison Tschiemer, articles editor; Courtney Lowery, articles editor; Cara Tomlinson, notes and comments editor; Shelby Howlett, symposium editor; and Kyla Bishop, online editor.

The UA Little Rock Law Review is a quarterly publication that has three primary objectives: to publish articles, surveys, and essays that are timely and useful to Arkansas practitioners, the judiciary, and other members of the state’s legal community; to publish material which reaches national and international legal audiences; and to provide a forum for outstanding student work of both local and national interest, as well as an opportunity for students to gain experience editing scholarly articles.

Students who have completed their first year of law school are eligible to participate in the UA Little Rock Law Review if they are in the top 10 percent or their class or have successfully passed a write-on competition.

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