UA Little Rock Public Radio’s Nathan Vandiver honored with Young Nonprofits Professionals Network 20 over 20 Award

YNPN-LR Board Chair James Rector awards Nathan Vandiver (right) YNPN's 20 over 20 Award.

Nathan Vandiver, interim general manager and program director for UA Little Rock Public Radio, was honored with the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network 20 over 20 Award. 

YNPN Little Rock 20 over 20 award winners were announced at YNPN Little Rock’s CEO Talk Show on Oct. 5. The award was created to celebrate the accomplishments of nonprofit professionals over the age of 20 and establish them as the sector’s emerging or current leaders.

“This is an honor, and I appreciate the gesture,” Vandiver said. “As someone who works in the nonprofit world, it makes total sense that KUAR/KLRE would be interested in the work of young nonprofit professionals. I admire the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network for the work they do developing up and coming talent in the nonprofit community.”

Vandiver received his bachelor’s degree in journalism from UA Little Rock in 2011. He started his career at UA Little Rock Public Radio as an intern in the spring 2009 semester. After a successful internship, he was hired as a full-time reporter and anchor. Vandiver was promoted to interim program director in 2013 and then interim general manager in 2016. Vandiver lives in Little Rock with his wife, Julie, and sons, Henry and Charlie.

Vandiver said the key to success for a nonprofit organization is focusing on the people the nonprofit serves and carrying out the organization’s mission.

As a public radio station, we keep our listeners first and foremost in our minds when we make decisions for the public radio stations each day,” he said. “To connect to other nonprofits, keeping those we serve in the forefront of our minds is the key to success and not losing sight of our mission.”

Vandiver also said he is impressed by his fellow award winners, who are doing a variety of work in nonprofit sectors across the board.

“It was really inspiring to see all of the other people who were nominated, the things they are doing with other organizations and public health advocacy and public policy,” he said. “All across the board, everyone is doing some interesting work, and it’s inspiring to see all the other people who were nominated and how important the work we are doing is.”

In the upper right photo, YNPN-LR Board Chair James Rector (left) awards Nathan Vandiver (right) YNPN’s 20 over 20 Award.

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