UA Little Rock to honor employees, departments making a difference for students

A UA Little Rock student leaps in the air to celebrate his graduation in December 2018.

The Division of Student Affairs at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock will honor 123 faculty and staff members and more than 50 departments and programs that have made an impact in the lives of graduating students on Thursday, May 2. 

The Student Advocate Awards Reception will honor employees and departments who have been instrumental in helping a graduating student succeed at UA Little Rock. The reception will take place from 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in Donaghey Student Center Ledbetter A.

Student advocates are identified through a survey for graduating students who identified employees and departments instrumental in their success.

“The comments from our students highlight some of the many people and departments here who make a real difference,” said Sharon Downs, associate vice chancellor for student affairs. “As they are on the cusp of moving on to the next phase of their life, whether it be graduate school, a career, Peace Corps, or public service, they take a moment to look back and recognize what and who makes UA Little Rock special. From me and all of Student Affairs, congratulations to all of the departments and individuals being honored at our annual Student Advocate Awards Reception!”

The faculty and staff members being honored include:

  1. Nawab Ali, Biology
  2. May Atkins, School of Social Work
  3. Naeem Bajwa, Management
  4. William Baltosser, Biology
  5. Amy Barnes, School of Mass Communication
  6. Joseph Bell, Business
  7. Brian Berry, Chemistry
  8. Abhijit Bhattacharyya, Graduate School
  9. Kwasi Boateng, Mass Communication
  10. Sue Bowling, Rhetoric and Writing
  11. David Briscoe, Anthropology and Sociology
  12. Toni Brown, Criminal Justice
  13. John Burgin, School of Education
  14. John Bush, Biology
  15. Jamie Byrne-McCollum, School of Mass Communication
  16. Joyce Carter, Rhetoric and Writing
  17. Molly Castner, Athletics
  18. Kevin Cates, Art and Design
  19. April Chatham-Carpenter, Applied Communication
  20. Rosalie Cheatham, World Languages
  21. Reed Claiborne, Disability Resource Center
  22. Jeffrey Condran, English
  23. Sloan Davidson, Nursing
  24. Lenita Davis, Marketing and Advertising
  25. Andrew Deiser, World Languages
  26. Stephaie Dhonau, World Language
  27. Trakenya Dobbins, Trojan Academic Advising and Support Center
  28. Gerald Driskill, Applied Communication
  29. Tim Edwards, School of Mass Communication
  30. Julianna Flinn, Anthropology
  31. Mark Funk, Accounting
  32. Eric Wiebelhaus-Brahm, School of Public Service
  33. Sarah Beth Estes, College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences
  34. Joseph Giammo, School of Public Affairs
  35. Marc Glidden, Criminal Justice
  36. James Golden, Criminal Justice
  37. Stephen Grace, Biology
  38. Greg Graham, Rhetoric and Writing
  39. John Hall, College of Business
  40. Richard Harper, Student Affairs
  41. Heidi Harris, Rhetoric and Writing
  42. Katie Helms, Counseling, Human Performance, and Rehabilitation
  43. Kimya Herd, Disability Resource Center
  44. Yslan Hicks, Theater, Arts, and Dance
  45. Robert Hines, Psychology
  46. Laura Holland, Arkansas Space Grant Consortium
  47. Kalan Horton, Charles W. Donaldson Scholars Academy
  48. Jennifer Hune, School of Education
  49. James Hurst, Criminal Justice
  50. Caleb James, Rhetoric and Writing
  51. Lakeshia Jones, Mathematics and Statistics
  52. Donna Kelly, Audiology and Speech Pathology
  53. Barclay Key, History
  54. Sung-Kwan Kim, Business Information Systems
  55. Mike Kirk, Counseling Services
  56. Tara Kittrell, Counseling Services
  57. Jason Kushner, Counseling, Human Performance, and Rehabilitation
  58. John Kuykendall, School of Education
  59. James Levernier, English
  60. Adriana Lopez-Ramirez, Anthropology and Sociology
  61. Kristin Mann, History
  62. JoAnne Matson, Rhetoric and Writing
  63. Kris McAbee, English
  64. Mariofanna Milanova, Computer Science
  65. Johanna Miller-Lewis, History
  66. Bradley Minnick, English
  67. Steven Minsker, Computer Science
  68. Brian Mitchell, History
  69. Rohn Muse, Anthropology and Sociology
  70. Cindy Nahrwold, Rhetoric and Writing
  71. David Namir, School of Social Work
  72. Desarae Nelson, Student Support Services
  73. Kathy Oliverio, Military Student Success
  74. Rosalie Otters, School of Social Work
  75. Angela Paladino-Fairley, Benton Campus
  76. Yvette Palmer, Trojan Academic Advising and Support Center
  77. Mary Parker, Criminal Justice
  78. Stacy Pendergraft, Theater Arts and Dance
  79. Yoriko Perritt, School of Education
  80. Gigi Peters, MidSOUTH
  81. Mia Phillips, Multicultural Center
  82. Srikanth Pidugu, Engineering Technology
  83. Elizabeth Pierce, Information Science
  84. Lundon Pinneo, School of Education
  85. Jess Porter, Geography
  86. Sarah Porter, International English Language Program
  87. Bennie Prince, Counseling, Human Performance, and Rehabilitation
  88. Chris Ray, Construction Management and Civil and Construction Engineering
  89. Melissa Reeves, Nursing
  90. Sonny Rhodes, School of Mass Communication
  91. Ann Robinson, School of Education
  92. Keith Robinson, Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Services
  93. Chad Sanders, Counseling, Human Performance and Rehabilitation
  94. Robert Sanderson, Anthropology and Sociology
  95. Louis Scivally, College of Social Sciences and Communication
  96. A.J. Smith, Art and Design
  97. Amy Sedivy-Benton, School of Education
  98. Amber Smith, Student Affairs
  99. Bruce Smith, School of Education
  100. Lawrence Smith, Theater Arts and Design
  101. Shanel Smith, College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences
  102. Janea Snyder, Health, Human Performance, and Sport Management
  103. Jerry Stevenson, School of Public Affairs
  104. Rebecca Streett, Mathematics and Statistics
  105. Misty Stukenborg, Arkansas Space Grant Consortium
  106. William Suter, School of Education
  107. John Talburt, Information Science
  108. Tusty ten Bensel, Criminal Justice
  109. Rachel Tennial, Psychology
  110. Avinash Thombre, Applied Communication
  111. Mike Tramel, Construction Management and Civil and Construction Engineering
  112. Howard Turney, School of Social Work
  113. Michael Underwood, Music
  114. Jim Vander Putten, School of Education
  115. Laurie Vesco-Knight, Counseling, Human Performance, and Rehabilitation
  116. Thomas Wallace, Information Science
  117. Jane Wayland, College of Business
  118. Karen Wisdom, Criminal Justice
  119. Amber Wolf, Chancellor’s Leadership Corps
  120. Scott Woolbright, Biology
  121. Richard Woolridge, Business Information Systems
  122. Connie Wordlaw, Disability Resource Center
  123. Charles Wright, Health, Human Performance, and Sport Management

The departments and programs being honored include:

  1. Anthropology
  2. Applied Communication
  3. Little Rock Athletics: Soccer
  4. Little Rock Athletics: Track and Field
  5. Little Rock Athletics: Volleyball
  6. Little Rock Athletics: Women’s Basketball
  7. Biology Department
  8. Campus Living
  9. Chancellor’s Leadership Corps
  10. Charles W. Donaldson Scholars Academy
  11. Summer Bridge Academy
  12. Chemistry Department
  13. College of Business: Business Communications Program
  14. College of Business: Career Catalyst Program
  15. College of Education and Health Professions: EAST Scholarship Program
  16. Counseling Services
  17. Criminal Justice
  18. Department of Computer Science
  19. Department of Economics and Finance: Finance and Economics Association
  20. Department of English
  21. Department of English: Cooper Honors Program
  22. Department of English: Creative Writing Track
  23. Department of Management: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Emphasis
  24. Disability Resource Center
  25. Donaghey Scholars
  26. eLearning
  27. Engineering Technology: Mechanical Engineering Program
  28. First Year Experience
  29. Greek Life
  30. History
  31. Interpreter Education Program
  32. Management
  33. Mass Communication
  34. Mathematics Assistance Center
  35. Master of Social Work Program
  36. Nursing
  37. Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies
  38. Political Science
  39. Psychology
  40. Rhetoric and Writing
  41. Rhetoric and Writing: Professional and Technical Writing Program
  42. Ronald McNair Scholars
  43. School of Education
  44. School of Education: Middle Childhood Education Program
  45. Student Government Association
  46. Social Work
  47. Society of Computing and Information Science
  48. Student Affairs Success Initiatives
  49. Student Experience Center
  50. Student Support Services
  51. TRIO Higher Education Access Programs – Talent Search and Educational Opportunity Center
  52. University Writing Center
  53. Web Design and Development
  54. World Languages
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