Ramm Joins Dover Dixon Horne as Associate Attorney

Natalie Ramm

A graduate of the UA Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law has joined Dover Dixon Horne as an associate attorney.

Natalie Ramm is a December 2018 graduate of the concurrent Bowen Law School and Clinton School of Public Service graduate program, Her work with Dover Dixon Horne involves both litigation and transactional work in family law, business law, real estate law, and estate and trust administration.

“My skills from law school and the Clinton School put me in a unique position to advise nonprofits on how to comply with rules and regulations when forming an organization, applying for and maintaining tax exempt status, as well as consulting with nonprofits on liabilities they may face from their work in communities,” Ramm said.

Before enrolling in the concurrent program, Ramm spent five years working for nonprofit organizations in Boston. She was an editorial assistant at Harvard Health Publication and a social media manager for the Maternal Health Task Force at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

“I worked for nonprofits for five years and, thus, have experienced what it is like to be on the inside,” Ramm said. “I have a deep respect for the work nonprofits do and want to position myself to use my specific skills to help them.”

Additionally, Ramm explained that her pro bono work will focus on bringing estate planning tools to communities that have traditionally lacked access.

“Estate planning has traditionally been a way for wealthy, usually white, people to protect assets for future generations,” Ramm said. “However, estate planning can be used for low- and middle-income people to do the same thing. Everyone can benefit from having a will and thinking through how to provide for their families after death.”

She said estate planning tools provide people peace of mind and can help avoid lengthy, confusing, and costly probate procedures.

“Death is difficult for those left behind no matter what their income bracket is,” Ramm said. “Planning for it can make the process easier on families and ensure that whatever property a person has go to the individuals or cause that they intended.”

During her time at Bowen School of Law, Ramm clerked with federal Judge Kristine Baker, the Office of the Arkansas Attorney General, and several law firms in central Arkansas. As a Clinton School of Public Service student, she completed field service projects with the Jericho Way Day Resource Center, the Comprehensive Rural Health Project in Jamkhed, Maharashtra, India, and the Monroe County Children in Trust.

This story was provided by the Clinton School of Public Service.

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