Student Government Association leaders Zakrzewski and Fugate look forward to amplifying student voices

Student Government Association president Katie Zakrzewski. Photo by Ben Krain.

The newly elected student leaders of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock are ready to take charge.

Kaitlin “Katie” Zakrzewski, a senior Donaghey Scholar studying criminal justice and anthropology, and Brittany Fugate, a senior history major, were announced last month as the new president and vice president of the UA Little Rock Student Government Association.

“We have the privilege of amplifying student voices through student government. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to make sure that each and every one of our students is heard,” said Zakrzewski. “I love the structure surrounding student government and the efficiency in meeting with people all across campus and in the community to get things done.”

The mission of the Student Government Association is to effectively represent the students of UA Little Rock in the decision-making process of the university, to provide needed services for students, and to further the interests of the university and its students. 

“I look forward to serving the student body to the best of my ability,” said Fugate, who also serves as president of UA Little Rock’s Chi Omega chapter.

The pair got involved in student government after wanting to make a difference on campus. 

“I became interested in student government last year when Katie and I were talking one night in her dorm room,” Fugate said. “As we discussed university issues together, I realized that I could either talk about challenges and interests and do nothing, or I could join student government and take action. I decided to take action and have not looked back since.”

Student Government Association vice president Brittany Fugate. Photo by Ben Krain.
SGA vice president Brittany Fugate. Photo by Ben Krain.

When students have concerns, they can turn to Zakrzewski and Fugate.

“Reach out to us and share your opinions. We want to hear the concerns of all students so that our actions can best represent their needs and interests,” said Fugate, a sentiment Zakrewski shared.

“Every single student’s voice is immensely important and carries just as much weight as the next. Reach out to me any time, any day,” Zakrewski said.

Encouraging students to be actively involved in university life is important to Zakrzewski and Fugate.

“UA Little Rock is in the state capital and there are many opportunities offered by the university,” Fuguate said. “The best way to take advantage of opportunities is to ask an advisor, professor, or even someone in a class.”

Zakrzewski and Fugate also hope students will include participation in campus organizations and attendance at Student Government Association town halls and open forums as part of their active involvement in university life.



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