Soccer’s Hilma Svalander Earns EIT Outstanding Junior Award

Hilma Svalander

Little Rock soccer’s Hilma Svalander has received the EIT Outstanding Junior award, an academic honor presented by the Information Science Department for her perfect 4.0 GPA as well as her independent study project during the spring semester.

“Hilma stood out for several reasons,” said Dr. Elizabeth Pierce, chair of the Department of Information Science. “She has a terrific GPA, has been an outgoing and visible student, and this past semester she did a very innovative entrepreneurial independent study project.”

Head coach Mark Foster further applauded the importance of Svalander’s achievement, adding, “At Little Rock, our players have always held a strong academic tradition, and we’re all extremely proud of Hilma for not just leading the way but taking it to the next level.”

Svalander’s project involved designing and developing an app that serves as a training journal for athletes to optimize their performance as well as creating a project and business plan.

“In order to perform as an athlete, you have to have a balance between nutrition, sleeping, and training,” Svalander explained. “My app allows athletes to track all of these factors in one place and then they will receive an assessment of their daily physical balance, as well as be warned if they’re at an increased risk of injury. Coaches will also be able to see their individual athletes as well as their entire team’s balance and reports. The app is designed in order for athletes to track their health and to better the communication between athletes and their coaches about the athletes’ physical shape. However, anyone looking to better their health will be able to use the app to get balance in their lives.”

Svalander is one of only two recipients to receive the recognition, which is awarded each academic year. “I’m very honored and thankful that the faculty at the Department of Information Science has such high regard for my work,” she said. “I’m proud of being part of the department and this motivates me to keep working hard.”

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