Chancellor Drale announces members of new race and ethnicity committees

Chancellor Drale

Chancellor Christina Drale has announced the members of two new UA Little Rock committees focused on race and ethnicity, which are a part of new campus diversity initiatives initiated this fall.

“We are launching several diversity initiatives with the intention of improving our learning and working environment,” Drale said. “These committees are designed to uncover unintended barriers to access and inclusion and to help us find ways to improve our environment for all people of color.”

The Racial Barriers Committee, recommended by the Student Government Association, will review policies and processes for potential unintended racial barriers and field complaints, concerns, and suggestions from students concerning race and ethnicity issues. The committee will report to the chancellor and may also recommend new policies and procedures intended to promote equity and fairness.

The members of the Racial Barriers Committee include:

Faculty: Lindsey Baertlein, Mark Baillie, Karen Kuralt, and Jennifer Hune
Staff: Tiffany McFadden-Kidd, Freta Rogers-Mason, Hyginus Ukadine, and Clara Cardriche
Graduate Students: Robin Freeman, Emmanuel Harvey, and Christine Jones
Undergraduate Students: William Brown, Jordan Williams, and LaKendra Mackey

The additional new committee is the Chancellor’s Race and Ethnicity Advisory Committee, which is based on a similar group started by former Chancellor Joel Anderson. This group will meet with Chancellor Drale twice a month to continue the conversation about race and ethnicity and to identify areas for continuous improvement.

Faculty members on the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Race and Ethnicity include Laura Barrio-Vilar, David Briscoe, andre’ cummings, Gerald Driskill, Lakeshia Jones, Amar Kanekar, Ronia Kattoum, Jennifer Hune, and Derek Slagle.

Staff members include Paula Baker, Regina Wade-Carter, Sharon Downs, Tracy King, Ta’Nice Blackman, Nechelle McClinton, Ross Owyoung, Corrigan Revels, and Dan Shelton.

Dr. Amar Kanekar, associate professor and graduate coordinator in health education and promotion, said he is honored and excited to serve on the Chancellor’s Race and Ethnicity Advisory Committee.

“As a person of color, I hope to offer my perspectives on a wide variety of issues involving academia and possibly beyond and support and advise the chancellor on any topics she decides to seek counsel,” Kanekar said.

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