Ellen Brown

Ellen Brown

Ellen Brown graduated from UALR in May 2013 and is now working as Heifer Village Coordinator at Heifer International.  Her work involves training, scheduling, and managing volunteers; overseeing educational programming, and planning events.  Over two hundred people applied for that job, and she gives much of the credit for getting this job to her internship, courses, and event planning experiences with the Nonprofit Leadership Studies program at UALR.

Ellen is convinced that the internship component of the program is the most valuable.  “My internship with Heifer allowed me to show them what I was capable of, and they got to know me.  Any internship helps you network and get to know people in the nonprofit world.  I did a different internship before the one at Heifer, and I was asked to apply for the executive director position and a fundraising coordinator position.  I couldn’t apply at the time, but it was wonderful to be asked.  The internship also gives you experience you can put on a resume and you can talk about during an interview.  The internship alone is very, very valuable.”

The courses in the program provided her with key concepts she could discuss in interviews.  When asked about event planning, for example, she could readily articulate the major parameters that need to be taken into account.  When asked how she would deal with particular situations, she was able to draw on experiences with fundraising and planning events with the Nonprofit Leadership Student Association at UALR.

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