Course Descriptions

Courses in Nonprofit Leadership Studies (NPLS)

NPLS 1100 Introduction to Nonprofit Professional Studies
The course provides an introduction to the nonprofit or third sector in the US with an emphasis on the historical and philosophical foundations of youth and human service organizations. Topics covered include the roles of nonprofit organizations in meeting human service needs, philanthropic structure of nonprofit organizations, importance of a mission orientation for nonprofit organizations, and possible careers in nonprofit organizations. One credit hour.

NPLS 3300 Management of Nonprofit Agencies
Prerequisites: NPLS 1100, attendance at approved NPLS workshop, or permission of the instructor. This course is an overview of nonprofit management. Topics include board and committee development, fund-raising principles and practices, human resource development and supervision, general nonprofit management, nonprofit accounting and financial management, nonprofit marketing, program planning, and risk management. It also includes at least one group project and is required for Nonprofit Leadership Studies minors. Three credit hours.

NPLS 4310 Strategic Fund Development
This course is an introduction to the organizational components, concepts, and methods of effective strategic fund development for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. This includes developing the ability to evaluate elements of fundraising communications (such as internal and external cases for support), annual giving efforts, special event viability, stewardship, and an organization’s overall fundraising plan. Three credit hours.

NPLS 4320 Volunteer Management
This course prepares students for managing volunteers in nonprofit organizations in the 21st century. It covers reasons for volunteering; strategies for fostering volunteer/staff relationships; the components of a volunteer program; processes for planning, developing, and implementing a volunteer program; and techniques for the recruitment, orientation, training, motivation, supervision, evaluation, recognition, and retention of volunteers. Three credit hours.

NPLS 4301, 4302 Internship
Prerequisites: NPLS minor, senior standing, 2.0 grade point average, and permission of the instructor. The internship requires 150 hours of supervised field experience in a nonprofit organization (50 hours for each hour of credit). It is designed to allow students to further develop their selected certification competencies and may be repeated for up to six hours of credit. Three credit hours.

NPLS 4180, 4280, 4380 Independent Study
Prerequisite: consent of NPLS director. Advanced assignments in selected areas. Three credit hours.

NPLS 4390 Special Topics
Selected topics in nonprofit professional studies. Three credit hours.

NPLS 4110/4120 Leadership and Service Practicum
Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Students gain practical leadership and service experience in association with the Nonprofit Leadership Student Association. One credit hour.