Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Nonprofit Management and Leadership Competencies

Communication, Marketing & Public Relations: Highlights knowledge, attitudes and activities that nonprofit organizations use to understand, inform and influence their various constituencies

Cultural Competency and Diversity: Highlights the development of cultural competency preparation for professional practice in culturally diverse settings

Financial Resource Development & Management: Highlights financial resource acquisition, budgeting, financial management, control and transparency in nonprofit organizations

Foundations & Management of the Nonprofit Sector: Highlights the history, contributions, and unique characteristics of the nonprofit sector and its management

Governance, Leadership & Advocacy: Highlights the stewardship and advocacy roles, responsibilities and leadership of the board of directors, staff and volunteers in the development of policies, procedures, and processes by which nonprofits operate and are held accountable

Legal & Ethical Decision Making: Highlights basic laws, regulations and professional standards that govern nonprofit sector operations, including a basic knowledge of risk and crisis management, ethics, and decision making

Personal & Professional Development: Highlights the nature of employment in the nonprofit sector, from researching career opportunities, applying and interview for a job, to continuing professional development

Program Development: Highlights program design, implementation, and evaluation strategies applicable to all nonprofits (youth services, arts, environment, health, recreation, social services, advocacy, etc.)

Volunteer and Human Resource Management: Highlights the knowledge, skills, and techniques for managing volunteer and paid staff

Future of the Nonprofit Sector: Highlights the dynamic nature of the nonprofit sector, the importance of continuous improvement, emerging trends and innovations, and the critical role research plays in shaping best practices