Student Success in the School of Nursing – How are we working to help you succeed?

The last several months have brought an overwhelming amount of change for students trying to navigate their education in the middle of a global pandemic.  Given this level of change and uncertainty, we want you to reassure you with the ways we are working to help our future nurses succeed.


  • All of our courses have a built in student/faculty mentorship program that has shown to improve our retention.  What this means for you is that if you slip up and fail an exam, are struggling with the course content, or are finding it harder to manage school and your personal life your faculty mentor will be there to help you bounce back.
  • Our school has a Nursing specific lending library.  This library is there to provide you with academic resources that can be checked out to boost your study and test-taking skills.
  • Additional study sessions and workshops are being offered outside of scheduled class times to assist students with tricky course content and fundamental skills.  Examples of previously covered topics include documentation, pharmacology, and math calculations.
  • We have recently become part of the new College of Business, Health, and Human Services.  This new College has many resources our students can take advantage of, including our Student Support Specialist, Mia Polk-Hamptons, LCSW, who is available to privately assist you with your personal and educational needs.
  • Students in our fully online BSN program can rest assured that our faculty have been working to make sure that the required core BSN courses are all certified as “Quality Matters (QM).”  All but two courses are currently certified, letting you know that you are receiving the best of the best in online education.
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