Course Overview

Prerequisites: formal admission to BSW program; a “C” or better in SOWK 1301, 3303, 3304, 3313, 3314, 3302, 3331; a “B” in SOWK 4212 and 4541; a 2.5 cumulative GPA in all social work courses taken to date; a 2.5 overall GPA; and formal admission to the Field Experience. Corequisite: SOWK 4542. Pre or corequisite: SOWK 4332. Field Experience I is the first of two opportunities for the student to integrate knowledge and values acquired in the classroom into practice by observing and engaging with the client system under supervision of a social worker in a human services agency. The introduction of the student to direct practice will involve the elements of the generalist intervention model: engagement, assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation, and termination. Field Experience I provides a structured learning environment in which professional ethics, critical thinking, generalist practice, and applicable skills are explored for greater depth and application. The corequisite SOWK 4212, Field Seminar I, is offered concurrently with Field Experience I for in-depth consultation with other students and seminar instructor to allow feedback and consultation in a group process. SOWK 4541 is 240 hours in the field setting in the fall semester of the senior year for five credits. The student must receive a “B” in order to progress to Field Experience II.

Course Details

  • Course credit hours: 5