Program Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in interdisciplinary studies online degree program is designed for students who have a wide range of interests and are considering multiple majors. The 120-hour program offers a solid academic foundation as well as the opportunity to explore aspects of several academic disciplines both within and outside of the College of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, and Education in order to craft a single degree that fits each student’s goals.

Interdisciplinary studies majors learn how to communicate effectively and think critically, which are vital skills necessary for both academic and vocational success.

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Program Details

Admission Requirements

To be fully admitted into this program, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be formally admitted to UA Little Rock.  Undergraduate admission requirements for the university can be found in our “Become a Student” section.
  • Meet or exceed the eligibility requirements to enroll in RHET 1311 Composition I: A minimum ACT English score of 19, a minimum SAT I verbal score of 450, RHET 0310, or RHET 0321.

Graduation Requirements

The program requires 60 hours in addition to the UALR core curriculum requirements. The major must include 18 hours of study in three emphasis areas (54 hours total), as well as IDST 3350 Reasoning Across the Disciplines and IDST 4350 Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone.

Students will choose 2 areas from Category I and a third area from either Category I or II.

Category I
Philosophy and Religious Studies
Political Science
Professional and Technical Writing
Legal Studies
Criminal Justice
Speech Communication

Category II
Health Sciences

All required courses for the concentrations listed above are available online in the standard semester-length format. Some courses may also be offered in an accelerated 8-week format. See the Undergraduate Catalog for more details about this program.

Program Advisor


UALR is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, affiliated with the Electronic Campus of the Southern Regional Education Board, and designated as “doctoral/research intensive” by the Carnegie Foundation.


UALR makes every effort to meet special accommodation and access needs. For information on specific accommodations for individuals with disabilities, you may contact the department sponsoring the class you wish to attend, call eLearning at 501.916.3005 or the Office of Disability Support Services at 501.569.3143. The Disability Support Services website,, provides information about the accommodation process and online forms to apply for services.

Cost per credit hour: $280

University Standard Core Courses (18-21 hours)

First Year Experience (Choose 3 hours)

College of Business students may take BSAD 1100 for equivalent.

PEAW 1300 First Year Colloquium (3 credit hours)

Communication – Written (Choose 3 - 6 hours)

(Select 1 set)
RHET 1311 AND RHET 1312
RHET 1320 Honors Composition

RHET 1311 Composition I (3 credit hours)
RHET 1312 Composition II (3 credit hours)
RHET 1320 Honors Composition (3 credit hours)

College Core Courses (14 hours)

Required Courses (6 hours)

Program Concentration Courses (54 hours)

Three Concentrations (18 hours each, 54 hours total)
Choose 2 concentrations from Category I and 1 concentration from EITHER Category I or II.

Category I Concentration - Criminal Justice (Choose 18 hours)

Listed course + 15 hours of upper-level CRJU electives

CRJU 2300 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3 credit hours)

Category I Concentration - Philosophy/Religious Studies (Choose 18 hours)

Listed courses +
PHIL 1330 OR PHIL 2350 +
3 hours of upper-level PHIL elective +
3 hours of upper-level RELS elective +
3 hours of upper-level PHIL or RELS elective

PHIL 1310 Intro to Philosophy (3 credit hours)
RELS 2305 World Religions (3 credit hours)
PHIL 1330 Intro to Critical Thinking (3 credit hours)
PHIL 2350 Intro to Logic (3 credit hours)

Category I Concentration - Political Science (Choose 18 hours)

Listed courses + 12 hours of upper-level POLS electives

POLS 1310 American National Government (3 credit hours)
POLS 2301 Introduction to Political Science (3 credit hours)

Category I Concentration - Professional and Technical Writing (Choose 18 hours)

18 hours of upper-level RHET electives

Category I Concentration - Psychology (Choose 18 hours)

Listed course + 15 hours of upper-level PSYC electives

PSYC 2300 Psychology and the Human Experience (3 credit hours)

Category I Concentration - Sociology (Choose 18 hours)

Listed course +
SOCI 3383 OR SOCI 3384 +
12 hours of upper-level SOCI electives

SOCI 2300 Introduction to Sociology (3 credit hours)
SOCI 3383 Classical Sociological Theory (3 credit hours)
SOCI 3384 Contemporary Sociological Theory (3 credit hours)

Category I Concentration - Spanish (Choose 21 hours)

Blocks must be completed in order and with a grade of C or better in order to proceed to the next block. Consult advisor for course schedule details. *All Block 3 courses can be fulfilled by transfer or study abroad credit.

Block 1 (6 hours)
SPAN 2311
SPAN 2313
Block 2 (6 hours)
SPAN 3313
SPAN 3314
Block 3 (9 hours)*
SPAN (3000-level course)
SPAN (3000/4000-level course)
SPAN (4000-level course)

SPAN 2311 Intermediate Spanish 1 (3 credit hours)
SPAN 2313 Intermediate Spanish 2 (3 credit hours)
SPAN 3313 Conversation and Presentation for Spanish (3 credit hours)
SPAN 3314 Writing for Spanish (3 credit hours)
SPAN 3315 Translation Studies (3 credit hours)
SPAN 4361 Seminar (3 credit hours)

Category I Concentration - Speech Communication (Choose 18 hours)

Listed courses + 12 hours of upper-level SPCH electives

ACOM 2310 Human Communication Concepts (3 credit hours)
ACOM 3320 Persuasive Presentations (3 credit hours)

Category II Concentration - Health Sciences (Choose 18 hours)

18 hours of upper-level HHPS electives

Category II Concentration - Management (Choose 18 hours)

Listed courses + 12 additional hours of upper-level MGMT electives

MGMT 3300 Principles of Management (3 credit hours)
MGMT 3320 Human Resources Management (3 credit hours)