Program Overview

The Bachelor of Business Administration in management provides students a strong foundation in business essentials and develops critical thinking, specialized conceptual knowledge, and problem-solving skills needed in the modern business environment.

With a focus in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the 120- hour online degree program develops conceptual and applied skills requisite for both new venture startup and success in the business world.  With a focus on innovation, the program focuses on student inquisitiveness and drive to face challenges creatively, high-demand abilities in the marketplace.  Entrepreneurial talents are focused and practical decision making skills are enhanced through experiential activities.

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Program Details

Admission Requirements

All students admitted to the University can be pre-admitted to the College of Business and begin taking classes.  Undergraduate admission requirements for the university can be found in our “Become a Student” section.  Students are fully admitted with a 2.25 GPA and completion of College Algebra and Composition 2.

Graduation Requirements

This degree program requires a minimum of 120 credit hours. All required courses are available online in the traditional 17-week format.

Program Advisor

Dr. Robert Mitchell | Chairperson, Advisor and Professor
College of Business
501.569.8854|| College of Business website

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The College of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). UALR is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, affiliated with the Electronic Campus of the Southern Regional Education Board, and designated as “doctoral/research intensive” by the Carnegie Foundation.


UALR makes every effort to meet special accommodation and access needs. For information on specific accommodations for individuals with disabilities, you may contact the department sponsoring the class you wish to attend, call eLearning at 501.569.3003 or the Office of Disability Support Services at 501.569.3143. The Disability Support Services website,, provides information about the accommodation process and online forms to apply for services.

Cost per credit hour: $280

University Standard Core Courses (18-21 hours)

First Year Experience (Choose 3 hours)

College of Business students may take BSAD 1100 for equivalent.

PEAW 1300 First Year Colloquium (3 credit hours)

Communication – Written (Choose 3 - 6 hours)

(Select 1 set)
RHET 1311 AND RHET 1312
RHET 1320 Honors Composition

RHET 1311 Composition I (3 credit hours)
RHET 1312 Composition II (3 credit hours)
RHET 1320 Honors Composition (3 credit hours)

College Core Courses (15 hours)

Required Courses (61 hours)

Elective Courses (18 hours)

In addition to the courses listed below, students may choose 5-6 hours of unrestricted electives to meet degree requirements.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Emphasis Approved Electives (Choose 12 hours)

Students must complete at least 2 courses from MGMT 3364, MGMT 4363, and MKTG 4310

Students can complete up to 2 courses from MGMT 3320, MGMT 3340, MGMT 4385, and MGMT 4391

MGMT 3364 Family Business Management (3 credit hours)
MGMT 4363 Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures (3 credit hours)
MKTG 4310 Marketing Research (3 credit hours)
MGMT 3320 Human Resources Management (3 credit hours)
MGMT 3340 Managing People in Organizations (3 credit hours)
MGMT 4385 Special Topics in Management (3 credit hours)
MGMT 4391 Employment Law (3 credit hours)

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competency Areas (Choose 6 hours)

Choose 2 courses from 1 of 5 competency areas. Both courses must be from the same competency area.

1. Financial: ACCT 3311, ACCT 3312, ACCT 3330, ACCT 3341, FINC 3370, FINC 4360, FINC 4365

2. International Business (Culture): MGMT 4377, HIST 3326, HIST 3336, HIST 3345, SOCI 3312, SOCI 3330, SOCI 3333

3. Retail: ARST 4341, MKTG 3370, MKTG 3385, MKTG 4370, ADVT 3300, MKTG 3353, MKTG 4341, PSYC 3350, ACOM 3300, ACOM 3320

4. Technology & Innovation: BINS 4331, BINS 4350, BINS 4351, IFSC 3330. IFSC 4301, ARST 3340

5. International Business (Language): MGMT 4377, 1st and 2nd Semester language courses in Spanish, French, Chinese, or German

ACCT 3311 Intermediate Financial Accounting I (3 credit hours)
ACCT 3312 Intermediate Financial Accounting II (3 credit hours)
ACCT 3330 Intermediate Cost and Managerial Accounting I (3 credit hours)
ACCT 3341 Accounting Information Systems (3 credit hours)
FINC 3370 Real Estate (3 credit hours)
FINC 4360 Risk Management (3 credit hours)
FINC 4365 Estate Planning (3 credit hours)
MGMT 4377 International Business Management (3 credit hours)
HIST 3326 The Soviet Union and Russia since 1917 (3 credit hours)
HIST 3336 Islam and the Modern Middle East (3 credit hours)
HIST 3345 People’s Republic of China (3 credit hours)
SOCI 3312 North American Indians (3 credit hours)
SOCI 3330 Racial and Minority Groups (3 credit hours)
SOCI 3333 Women in a Changing Society (3 credit hours)
ARST 4341 Package Design (3 credit hours)
MKTG 3370 Principles of Retailing (3 credit hours)
MKTG 3385 Consumer Analysis and Behavior (3 credit hours)
MKTG 4370 Business-to-Business Marketing (3 credit hours)
ADVT 3300 Advertising: an IMC Approach (3 credit hours)
MKTG 3353 Professional Selling (3 credit hours)
MKTG 4341 Brand and Market Consulting (3 credit hours)
PSYC 3350 Social Psychology (3 credit hours)
ACOM 3300 Interpersonal Communication (3 credit hours)
ACOM 3320 Persuasive Presentations (3 credit hours)
BINS 4331 Management of Information Resources (3 credit hours)
BINS 4350 Business Database Management Systems (3 credit hours)
BINS 4351 Data Analysis and Reporting (3 credit hours)
IFSC 3330 Current Trends in Database Technology (3 credit hours)
IFSC 4301 Information, Computing, and the Future (3 credit hours)
ARST 3340 Introduction to Graphic Design (3 credit hours)