Program Overview

The undergraduate certificate in workplace Spanish enables students to develop a practical foundation (intermediate-level proficiency) in Spanish with basic vocabulary and cultural competency critical to serving Arkansas’s growing Spanish-speaking population.

The 15-hour program is designed for students planning careers in the service professions. While the certificate does not lead to certification as an interpreter or translator, the certificate applies toward and may be combined with the Spanish major (not fully online) or minor.

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Program Details

Admission Requirements

Students who wish to pursue this program must have taken SPAN 1311 Elementary Spanish I and SPAN 1312 Elementary Spanish 2 or have the equivalent proficiency. If a student has advanced coursework or proficiency, it is possible to enter the certificate program at a higher level than SPAN 2311 Intermediate Spanish and to receive retroactive credit for SPAN 2311 and/or SPAN 2313 Intermediate Spanish 2. Contact the Chair of the Department of World Languages ( for more information.

Graduation Requirements

Students must obtain a final grade of C or better in all required courses in order to successfully complete this program.

Program Advisor

Dr. Andrew Deiser | Interim Chair, Associate Professor
Department of World Languages | Spanish
501.569.8158 | | World Languages website


UA Little Rock is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, affiliated with the Electronic Campus of the Southern Regional Education Board, and designated as “doctoral/research intensive” by the Carnegie Foundation.


UA Little Rock makes every effort to meet special accommodation and access needs. For information on specific accommodations for individuals with disabilities, you may contact the department sponsoring the class you wish to attend, call eLearning at 501.569.3003 or the Office of Disability Support Services at 501.569.3143. The Disability Support Services website,, provides information about the accommodation process and online forms to apply for services.

Cost per credit hour: $280

Required Courses (15 hours)

The Certificate in Workplace Spanish (CP Spanish) is designed for students to develop a strong working foundation in the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures. Upon completing the Certificate, students will be able to converse and communicate at an intermediate level in Spanish (as defined by the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012) and will have the practical skills, knowledge, and resources to use Spanish effectively and ethically in the twenty-first century workplace.

If you have no previous experience with Spanish, you must complete the following two prerequisites before taking SPAN 2311 Intermediate Spanish: SPAN 1311 Elementary Spanish 1 and SPAN 1312 Elementary Spanish 2. SPAN 1311, 1312 and 2311 must be taken in sequence one term at a time.