New NSF Submission System

Dear Colleagues,

NSF is creating a new proposal preparation and submission system for full, non-collaborative proposals that will eventually replace the current FastLane system. Starting April 30, NSF will launch the system alongside FastLane. This new system reduces administrative burden, enhances user experience, and modernizes the proposal preparation and submission capabilities.

The new system is being developed incrementally, and once it is complete, will replace FastLane in the future. During this transition period, proposers cannot switch between systems for proposal preparation and submission. For example, if a proposer starts a new proposal in, they cannot change their mind and switch to FastLane.

The system only currently accepts full, non-collaborative proposals, but they will eventually add other proposal types in the future.

NSF has a preview site available for the new system for anyone who wants to get familiar with the new system. Since the system is still under development, NSF welcomes feedback to enhance and expand the website.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at 569-8474 or

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