Joseph Spino

Office: Stabler Hall, Room 307C
Phone: 501-569-3312

Joseph Spino joined the UA Little Rock Department of Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies in Fall 2016. He received a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2016. Dr. Spino’s research primarily concerns ethics and moral psychology, with a focus on debates centered on the development (and skepticism) of character and virtue. His work regularly engages with issues that arise in business ethics and biomedical ethics.

Selected Publications

“Situationism and the Virtues of Business,” Business and Professional Ethics Journal 39(1): 2020.

“Research Participant Communication Via Social Media Platforms Remains Risky,” The American Journal of Bioethics 19(6): 2019.

“Laying the Foundation for Foundational Technologies,” The American Journal of Bioethics 18(12): 2018.

“The Ticking Time Bomb: When the Use of Torture Is and Is Not Endorsed,” co-authored with Denise Cummins, Review of Philosophy and Psychology 5(4): 2014.

“Belief Updating in Moral Dilemmas,” co-authored with Zachary Horne and Derek Powell, Review of Philosophy and Psychology 4(4): 2013.

“Defusing Dangers of Imaginary Cases,” International Journal of Applied Philosophy 26(1): 2012.