Student Opportunities


Physics and Astronomy Undergraduate Research

Physics 4289, 4389, 4489

Prerequisites: Consent of department chairperson; junior or senior standing;  compliance with approved guidelines (available from chairperson). Trains the student to analyze, plan and conduct experimental work on a research problem. Frequent conferences and a study of research literature with a final report are required. This course may extend over two semesters. The student is expected to spend four to six hours per week for each hour of credit earned. The exact hourly commitment per week will depend on the nature of the project and will be agreed on in advance by the student and the instructor.

Physics and Astronomy Independent Study

Physics 4100, 4200, 4300

Prerequisites: Consent of department chairperson. Individual research by the advanced student. Topics determined on the basis of faculty interests and availability. One to three hours per week per credit hour. The exact time and nature of the experience will depend on the particular subject of the independent study and will be agreed on at the beginning of the term by the student and the instructor.

Physics Club and the Society of Physics Students


Looking for a way to meet new friends, get to know faculty, staff, and fellow students who have an interest in the physical sciences? The Physics Club offers students the opportunity to interact with the research faculty and the UALR community through research and educational programs. Contact Dr. Tony Hall via phone at 501-569-3275 or e-mail him at