Nursing student changes lives with help of scholarship

Casey Godelfer peeks into the hospital room of a tiny cancer patient at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Under the watchful eyes of her instructor, the UALR nursing student from Alexander warms a stethoscope before listening to the little boy’s heart. She smiles warmly at the bald-headed boy as she records his temperature, exuding competence and compassion. She knows how important it is to her small patients and their parents that she is achieving her dream of becoming a skilled and caring nurse.

Casey Godelfer

Casey Godelfer

When Casey was 4 years old, she was just like that little boy-a child in a bed of an oncology ward. Her memories of undergoing three months of chemotherapy at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans to battle leukemia inspired her career choice.

Casey wants to provide the same care and comfort to others, but her dream was almost lost because she lacked the funds needed for tuition and other school expenses. Thanks to the Willard and Pat Walker Charitable Foundation Nursing Scholarship, Casey now looks forward to a rewarding career caring for others who are dealing with cancer.

“The scholarship is very important to me because it has provided me with the opportunity to live out my dreams,” she says. “As a nurse, I can help the kids out that are in the position I used to be in. They seem to know that I am different and that I understand them. It gives them a lot of hope to see me grown up and standing there when I used to be right where they are now.”

As UALR enters the public phase of its first comprehensive campaign, It’s Time for UALR, we hope you will consider how you can help. Your gift, whether made directly or through some type of planned giving vehicle, will help us attain our goal of providing more scholarships to students as well as program, faculty, and facility support.

Legacies are created every day through the generosity of people like you. Just ask Casey Godelfer.

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