Funding the future for UALR nursing and criminal justice students

Harold Zook enjoyed a successful 47-year career in the criminal justice field, and his late wife, Florence, devoted her professional life to nursing. Neither was able to afford a four-year college degree. Harold is committed to giving future UALR nursing and criminal justice students opportunities he and Florence didn’t have.

Harold Zook

Harold Zook

“I want to help students who have potential but can’t afford a college education,” he says. “This is our way of giving back to our professions.”

Harold established two scholarships with UALR: one in honor of Florence to help senior nursing students, and one in his name to help criminal justice majors. He funded both scholarships with direct gifts, and will further provide for both scholarships through his estate plan. Harold says his children and grandchildren have learned the value of giving back and are very supportive of his philanthropy.

Harold served our country, his community, and law enforcement students in many capacities, including active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States, a decorated 22-year career with the Little Rock Police Department, many leadership positions with state and federal law enforcement agencies, SWAT commander, commander of the Little Rock Police bomb squad, and he taught counter-terrorism to police personnel from foreign nations. Along the way, he helped develop the UALR Criminal Justice Institute and was a training coordinator, lecturer, and instructor for several years. He also served two terms as the university’s interim chief of police. At age 81, he continues to consult and is a highly regarded expert in his field.

“I feel I’ve been a part of UALR most of my adult life, and I want to look back on my life and say I’ve given back as much or more than I’ve received,” Harold says. “I believe education, skills, and ability are useless unless they are shared with someone else.”

Approximately 74 percent of UALR students use some form of financial aid, and many also work and support families while attending school. Private scholarships can alleviate some of the financial stress these students face. To learn more, contact us at 501-569-3194 or

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