An investment in UALR and the community

If UALR Alumni Association President Don Riggin is sure of one thing in life, it is this: Most people are natural givers.

“People really do want to give back. I believe that to the bottom of my toes,” Don says. Don believes the challenge is tapping into that natural desire to give and connecting it to a particular passion. In other words, the issue is not whether to give, but instead what cause to support and in what manner.

donFor Don, one of his passions is education, including the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, where he received his bachelor’s degree in 1962. The school was knownthen as Little Rock University and Don secured a spot as its student body president.

Don’s college mentors instilled within him critical thinking skills that became the cornerstone of his long-running career at the Arthritis Foundation. They are also part of the reason he is so enthusiastic about giving back.

An Easy Commitment
Don believes that a commitment to giving to higher education in central Arkansas is crucial. “To me, I think planned giving is an easy way to make that commitment,” he says. “But you can’t ask someone to do something you yourself are not willing to do.”

That’s why Don has designated UALR as the beneficiary of his life insurance policy, making him the second consecutive board president at UALR to have established a planned gift to the institution. Other planned gift options include retirement plan assets or including a gift in your will, possibly to set up an endowed scholarship.

“I love to see people become invested in something. And I think the community is realizing UALR is an asset in more ways than one,” Don says. He feels that any amount or manner of giving contributes back to the community by providing a well-educated workforce.

Plus, as Don says, “I love this institution-always have, always will.”

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