Procedures for Use of University Facilities – 703.4

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Faculty and Staff

A member of the faculty shall be free to invite outside speakers to participate in any class, conference, or institute which is a part of the university educational program.

Any college, department, or other organization of the faculty or administration, any organization composed exclusively of faculty members, or university employees and any other organization whose membership includes university faculty members and which exists solely for the benefit of the university or for scholarly pursuits may use university facilities to hold meetings, subject only to local regulations regarding room scheduling.

Student Organizations

Any recognized student organization may use university facilities for open or closed meetings or performances subject only to local campus scheduling regulations.

If an off-campus speaker or performer is to be invited to address an open meeting of a recognized student organization, the faculty advisor must give his or her approval prior to the time that an invitation is extended and publicity is released. In the event that the group does not currently have an official advisor, the approval of a faculty member or administrator is required. The university administration may properly inform an organization concerning its views on any proposed meeting to which an off-campus speaker or performer has been invited but will leave the final decision concerning the meeting to the organization and its advisor.

Publicity and communications concerning any meetings shall clearly identify the sponsoring organization and shall carefully avoid any stated or implied university sponsorship. In all open meetings at which an off-campus speaker will speak, a faculty member or administrator shall be present and a reasonable period shall be reserved for questions from the audience.

An invitation to a speaker does not necessarily imply approval or disapproval of the speaker or his or her views by either the university or the student organization. In case a request for the use of a university facility by a recognized student organization cannot be granted, it is the responsibility of the university officer to whom the request was made to notify promptly in writing the organization making the request stating the reasons for the denial.

Speakers may be invited to the campus to discuss political issues. Recognized student organizations may solicit membership and dues at meetings. However, money may not be raised for projects not directly connected with a university activity, and private business may not be conducted in university facilities.

Non-University Groups

The facilities and resources of the university exist for the sole purpose of supporting and furthering a program of higher learning. The use of facilities of the university should be extended to non-university groups only when that use will enhance, support, further, or enrich the educational program of the university and such use will not interfere with the educational activities of the university.

Requests for the use of university facilities by a non-university group should be directed to an individual designated by the chancellor. The evaluation of the appropriateness and worth to the university program of a particular use of facilities by a non-university group or organization shall be based upon the following criteria:

  1. Relevance and contribution to the needs of the educational program of the university.
  2. Timeliness and intrinsic merit of the activity.
  3. Availability of suitable space not needed for the educational activities of the university.

University facilities shall not be used by non-university groups or organizations for their own exclusive purposes, for the raising of money for projects not directly connected with a university activity, or for the conduct of private business.

Contact Information for Scheduling UALR Facilities

Anyone wishing to use the academic facilities (e.g. classrooms) should contact the registrar’s assistant at 501-569-8166. Requests for special purpose facilities should be directed to the appropriate responsible person, as follows:

Student Union: Donaghey Student Center Administrative Office
Pool: Donaghey Student Center Fitness and Aquatic Center
Intramural Field: Director of Intramurals
Jack Stephens Center: Director of the Jack Stephens Center
Gymnasium (Field House): Assistant Director of Athletics
Multipurpose Room: Leisure Science Office
Tennis Courts: Leisure Science Office
Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall or Fine Arts Choral Room, 101A: Music Departmental Office
The University Theater: Technical Director