Driver authorization will be verified before TA is approved

The Office of Finance and Administration, in coordination with Procurement Services, has instituted a new procedure in which an employee or student driver requesting a travel authorization (TA) will be verified as an authorized state driver before the TA will be approved by Procurement Services. Driver authorization has been a requirement of the University of Arkansas System Vehicle Safety Program and this internal procedure is intended to better comply with the program.

Any driver who is not already in the driver database will need to complete the Authorization to Operate State Vehicles and Private Vehicles on State Business form, and it be approved by the Office of Finance and Administration, before the TA can be finalized in Procurement Services.

Please note: TA’s will still be processed through Procurement Services. The authorized driver database verification will be an internal procedure between Procurement Services and the Office of Finance and Administration.

Please contact Lyle Arnett at or 501-916-3202 if you have questions regarding this form or to verify that you or your department’s employees are already in the driver database.

Additional information is located on the TRAVEL website.

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