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Sign-Up Form


Basic Information

Each department has one or more staff members who are designated to order office supplies and other common items for maintenance, repair, and operations.

Shipping Information

If you order for a department that is not located at 2801 S. University Avenue, please contact Procurement Services at 501-916-3144 for an alternate form. To aid in monitoring fraud and abuse, one recommendation is to have someone designated to receive deliveries other than the originator of the order. The receiver would compare the shipment to the original order for accuracy and control of goods ordered.

Payment Information

When you enter an order, you have a choice of using a P-Card or a blanket purchase order. The P-Card information can be stored so that you do not have to enter the information each time. The cardholder and the originator of the order do not have to be the same. The P-Cardholder can also delegate the originator to use his or her P-Card for these orders.

Budgetary Information

For control, users cannot change their profile once we enter it into the system. Therefore, we recommend that the budgetary head monitor orders through the secondary confirmation email. The budgetary head may also set limits on the dollar amount spent during the time frame on the application. Once the limit has been set, the limit will have to be revised to allow for additional ordering above that amount.

Form Routing

Submit the completed form to Procurement Services via When we have processed this form, Procurement Services will contact the submitter notifying them that the request has been completed.