Quality Initiative

Quality Initiative Task Force

Task Force Membership (as of July 21, 2016)

  • Ann Bain, Education and Health Professions
  • Terri Beiner, Law
  • Belinda Blevins-Knabe, Psychology
  • Jeff Connelly, Earth Sciences
  • Robert Corwyn, Psychology (Co-Chair)
  • Cody Decker, Institutional Research (Co-Chair)
  • Stephanie Farewell, Accounting
  • Eduardo Garcia, Criminal Justice
  • Anindya Ghosh, Chemistry
  • Sung-kwan Kim, Business Information Systems
  • Robert Mitchell, Business Information Systems
  • Brad Patterson, Student Affairs
  • John Rathje, Information Technology Services
  • Donna L. Shelton, Office of the Provost
  • John Talburt, Information Science

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