Registration Errors

The following are the most common registration errors.

Campus Restriction: Main campus students can only register for online courses marked with a 990, 991, or 992 section number. If you are not enrolled in the Online/eLearning campus, you will not be able to register for Online/eLearning courses marked by section numbers 9UO, 9U1,  9U2, etc. There are no exceptions.

Prerequisite (PreReq)/Test Score: You may not take a course if you have not fulfilled the prerequisites. If you have documentation proving you have met all of the prerequisites for a course, email the Chair of the department offering the course you wish to take. In your email, you should include your Full name, T number, the CRN of the course, a description of the error, and why you think you should receive an override.

Advising Hold: Students must be advised each semester before they can register. If you have declared Psychology as your major, schedule an advising appointment with the department to have your advising hold lifted.

Financial/Student Account Hold: Please contact the Bursar’s Office by email at or phone at 501-916-3450 or Financial Aid at 501-916-3035.

Level Restriction: You must be of the appropriate level to take this course. For example, Undergraduates or Post-Baccalaureates may not take graduate-level courses. To take a course whose level is outside yours you must speak with the Graduate school. Post-Baccalaureates who receive this error while attempting to take an Undergraduate course should call the Office of Records and Registration.

Classification (Class) Restriction: You must be of the appropriate class to take certain courses. For example, a Freshman may not take certain Sophomore, Junior, or Senior level courses. In order to take a course outside of your class, you must contact the department offering the class.

Duplicate CRN: If you receive this error contact the Office of Records & Registration by email at or phone at 501-916-3110.

Errors Tutorial

Tutorial describing the different types of registration errors.

If you are currently enrolled in the Online Campus, click here for more information about registration.