Using CRNs to Register for Courses

During registration for Fall and Spring semester classes students can create their schedule with one or more classes on their own. The process is through BOSS, and does not always require instructor or advisor approval. If your course requires instructor approval please reach out to the department of the course for further instructions.

To add an individual course during the Registration period:

  • Log into your BOSS account
  • Select Student Services from the options given
  • Click the Registration link from the menu
  • Click the Add/Drop Classes (Schedule Adjustment) link from the menu
  • You will then be taken to this screen and you can type in the CRNs of the courses you wish to take

  • After you type in one or all of the CRNs hit “Enter” on your keyboard and they will show up as *Web Registered*

  • If you choose to do one at a time it will add the courses to the previously inputted courses

  • No “Action” is required from the drop-down menu. If the Status says *Web Registered* that is all you need to do. If an error shows up of any kind please contact the department if you have any questions.