Certified Public Manager® Program

2018 CPM Graduates

Why become a Certified Public Manager®?

Becoming a Certified Public Manager® (CPM) is one of the best things a public servant can do in the State of Arkansas. This program is designed to help refine and improve the management skills of today’s emerging leaders in state, local government, and nonprofit agencies, so they can serve their fellow Arkansans at the highest level.

The Certified Public Manager® designation is recognized in almost 40 states and the District of Columbia as the premier designation for governmental managers. It shows that you are dedicated to your position and are professionally equipped to better handle the roles required of mid- and upper-level governmental staff and elected officials.

About the Certified Public Manager® Program

The CPM program is made up of two levels, the Arkansas Governmental Manager (AGM), which is a state-level certification,

and the Certified Public Manager® (CPM), a nationally accredited certification. Management in the public sector is different from management

in the business sector, and the CPM program is designed to add these skills to the toolboxes of our public-sector managers. The AGM coursework focuses on leadership skills, program management, and the development of management skills of program participants.  The CPM coursework is designed to advance and refine participants’ management skills and augment their professional development.

2018-2019 CPM Seminar Schedule: CPM Program Schedule

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For more information about CPM, contact Biranda Lumpkin  at 501.569.3090