Minor in Presidential Studies

The Presidential Studies minor enables students to gain a greater understanding of the presidency as an institution and as an actor within several arenas: government and politics, the economy, media and communications, and culture and society. As an interdisciplinary minor, Presidential Studies allows students to study multiple approaches for understanding the presidency and different aspects of presidential behavior, the executive branch, and public policy. Course work in the program is designed to enhance students’ understanding of how the presidency and executive branch operate and the institution’s impact on society at home and abroad. The minor is well suited to combine with a major in Political Science, History, Mass Communications, Rhetoric and Writing, Speech Communication, and Professional and Technical Writing. This minor may be chosen as one of the concentrations in the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies curriculum. The minor requires 21 hours. Students who declare the minor must be advised by the coordinator. Students’ individual needs and interests are important considerations in the course selection and advising process. During registration, students should confirm with the coordinator that the courses they plan to take meet the requirements for the minor. Students who plan to take online courses or courses at other campuses must first seek written approval from the coordinator and apply for concurrent enrollment.

Required Courses (6 hours)

  • POLS 3320 The American Presidency
  • POLS 4360 Selected Topics in Political Science: Presidential Studies

History Requirements (6 hours)

  • HIST 3352 American Revolution, 1763-1787
  • HIST 3353 The New Republic: The US, 1787-1848
  • HIST 3355 American Civil War and Reconstruction, 1848-1876
  • HIST 3356 The Gilded Age: The US, 1876-1900
  • HIST 3357 The Age of Reform: The US, 1900-1939
  • HIST 3358 Recent America: The US, 1939-present
  • HIST 4385 U.S. Diplomatic History
  • HIST 4387 Great Decisions in American Foreign Policy (if not taken below as POLS 4387)

Political Science Requirements (6 hours)

  • POLS 3301 Seminar in Political Science
  • POLS 3331 Public Administration (if not taken below as PADM 3331)
  • POLS 4345 The Clinton Presidency
  • POLS 4350 Constitutional Law: Governmental Powers
  • POLS 4387 Great Decisions in American Foreign Policy (if not taken above as HIST 4387)

One course from the following (3 hours)

  • RHET 4306 Writing for Business and Government
  • PADM 3331 Public Administration (if not taken above as POLS 3331)
  • HIST 4391 Seminar in United States History
  • HIST 4395 History Internship
  • POLS 3348 Internship I
  • POLS 4348 Internship II
  • PSYC 4290, 4390 Senior Seminar
  • SPCH 4313 Seminar: Topics in Communication
  • MCOM 4384 Topics in Journalism
  • MCOM 4370 Special Topics: RTVF
  • RHET 4347 Topics in Nonfiction Writing