Doing Business with the CPC

If our initial consultation indicates that we can help your organization, we will work with you to develop an estimate of the costs of the proposed project and our services. In many cases, project participants develop an agreement on how to share the costs of the project and CPC services among the participants. We can also work with an organization initiating a project that agrees to cover the costs of our services. In all cases, we work closely with project participants to arrange funding, design a project that is as cost effective as possible, and complete the project on budget and in a timely manner.

Because we are a public outreach unit of UALR, we can often offer services at below or no cost to organizations that lack financial resources. In some circumstances, we may also partner with organizations to develop grant proposals for funding participation from federal, state or local governments or private philanthropic foundations.

You can begin a project with the Center for Public Collaboration by contacting the School of Public Affairs at