We Won’t Soon Forget

The Freedom Riders Event that took place on Sunday was amazing!

The number of people who showed up was proof that this part of Arkansas history is important to remember. The choir that started the program was absolutely wonderful – a perfect way to start such a memorable celebration! The speakers were so motivating and encouraging to those present that I have no doubt that this event will be forgotten.

It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to get to hear Rev. John Raines talk about his experience as a Freedom Rider, and the changes he’s seen over the years. The Governor’s  proclamation, which designated Sunday as “Freedom Rider Day,” was a heartfelt gift to the State of Arkansas and its citizens. The Congressman and women who spoke mentioned the continuation of progress in the Civil Rights Movement, and the hope that someday all men and women will be considered equal in every aspect. Getting to hear about the new Institute on Race and Ethnicity was exciting and proof of UALR’s goal and mission to aid in the continuation of the progress.

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